Risks from natural phenomena in the Arctic decided to calculate

The risk of development of hazardous natural and technogenic phenomena near the shores of the Arctic scientists are studying Arctic Murmansk state University and St. Petersburg state University. This was reported by researcher of the Informational-analytical centre MAGOO George of Gogoberidze, reports “Evening Murmansk”.

The project has already begun, it will last three years. The goal of scientists is not only to develop the risk model, but also to calculate the possible economic damage with “an unfavorable combination of factors.”

The reason for the study was the fact that the main economic activity in the Arctic linked to sea-shores, and it is necessary for the infrastructure near coast or on it, but in its construction and operation may have risks. As explained Gogoberidze, the Arctic coast is eroding due to natural phenomena, and Russia annually loses about 11 square kilometers.

Earlier it was reported that a group of scientists from 17 countries attending the climate in the Arctic, appeared on a crumbling ice floe. Because of this, experts have begun to lose the equipment for long, but continued research activities. Damage has arisen due to movement of ice, in March, in the camp of scientists has damaged the power supply, They continued to study from the icebreaker, with ice, under water and using a helicopter.