Russian nuclear physicist died in a hospital in Kommunarka

Russian physicist, member of major international scientific experiments, researcher of the laboratory of modeling of physical processes Institute for nuclear research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INR RAS), candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Danila Tlisov died in a Moscow hospital in Kommunarka, which is the basis for the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the capital. This was reported on Tuesday TASS head of the Department of high energy physics, INR RAS Yury Kudenko.

"unfortunately, it became known that today at the hospital in Kommunarka died a member of my Department, a talented physicist Danila Tlisov. According to his family, he went there on 4 April. Daniel was on home quarantine after a trip abroad, he became ill, was taken to the hospital, and now there was sad news. According to information I have, he was diagnosed with coronavirus," he said.


Tlisov was born in 1983. According to the statement on the website of the INR RAS, he died on the morning of 14 April.

"Daniel flew in from CERN 22 Mar, sat on a hard quarantine, felt ill, April 4, was hospitalized in Kommunarka. The first two tests were negative. It’s a big loss. Daniel was very good and promising scientist, which contributed greatly to the work of CMS collaborations at CERN and NA64", – stated in the message of the Directorate of the Institute.

According to information on the website INR RAS, in 2016 Danila Tlisov was the winner of the CMS experiment at the Large hadron Collider (CERN) for his great contribution in research of radiation resistance of the front electronics of the new generation. He was also recognized for key role in the preparation of test radiation test equipment within the framework of the project of modernization of CMS – one of the four major LHC detectors.