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Many stellar outfits become iconic and remain in the memory and pop culture, but each of them has its own little story — we learn today. Funny stories, revenge, regret in a hurry and fees: collected 21 memories of the stars and their stylists about some of the legendary images.

Barbra Streisand and her transparent suit at the Oscars in 1969

Streisand got her first “Oscar” for her role in “Funny girl” in 1968. The victory made history and along with its spectacular actress. Streisand later said that had no idea that the costume will be so clear under the lights.

Barbra Streisand

That night in my dressing room I had to choose between two different outfits. One of them was very nice, but very conservative. And there was this pantsuit with plastic sequins. I had no idea that under the lights, this dress will become transparent! But then I thought to myself that they are going to win two Academy awards, and next time I will choose a more discreet outfit

— said Streisand in an interview with W Magazine in 2016. br>
cher dressed in Bob Mackie at the ceremony “Oscar” in 1986

coming up with a way for the ceremony, she consulted with her friend, costume designer Bob Mackie, who created many other memorable outfits of the stars. The singer admitted that her boyfriend at the time, Joshua Donen, “almost lost consciousness” after I saw this costume in an Oriental style, with a spectacular headdress.


cher Herself admitted that extravagant way was a kind of protest against the Academy, which, in her opinion, underestimated her as an actress.

the Idea is to wear this suit came because the Academy I was not particularly fond of. Hated the way I dress, the fact that I have young Boyfriends, they didn’t take me seriously. So I decided to get a manual with the description, dressed as a serious actress,

with a laugh, Recalling the cher about his fashion in an interview with revenge in 2019.

whatever it was, but two years later, academics have finally appreciated the talent of cher: she received the award in the nomination “Best actress” for her role in the film “moonstruck”.

Elizabeth Hurley dress with pins from Versace in 1994

This is definitely one of the most famous stories, as the person makes the outfit a cult, and the outfit makes the person famous. At that time not very well known actress Liz Hurley naturally woke up a star once appeared in a Versace dress at the premiere of “Four weddings and a funeral”.

At the event, Liz was accompanied by actor Hugh Grant, whom I was Dating. In a later interview, Grant was told that a few of dizaynera�� refused to send Hurley dress for the premiere, as she was not well known and only Versace was the only one who agreed.

Elizabeth Hurley

I need to find a dress that I could wear to the premiere of Hugh. I remember the last time I went to him in the office, where I literally dragged this dress out of a white plastic bag,

— remember Liz in 2014 in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

that was the last hope for the young actress who eventually became one of the most iconic moments in fashion history.

Lizzy Gardiner in a dress made of credit cards in 1995

Australian costume designer Lizzy Gardiner created this dress for his own sketch for the ceremony of “Oscar”. In that year she, by the way, received a statuette for his work on the film “the adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert”.

the Dress was made of American Express cards and, of course, was an event on the red carpet. But for some, this outfit didn’t cause delight, and anger.

Lizzy Gardiner

In 2017, in an interview with ABC News Gardiner noted that the dress was very controversial for the time and “really upset many people.”

Many women, I think, feel resentful or angry that I didn’t make the selection process as serious as I should have, said Lizzie.

Princess Diana dress-combinations from Dior in 1996

a year before her death Princess Diana was the guest of the Met Gala. At the event, she appeared in a dark blue silk Dior dress with lace. Fashion choice has become the event for several reasons.

So, it was one of the first outfits John Galliano created for Dior, which hit on the red carpet. The output of Princess Diana has become a serious support for the designer, put in charge of a very conservative brand, which he had completely reformed.

Princess Diana

Many considered the outfit is not too suitable for “Royal dress code”, but it turns out that Diana herself made a few adjustments, making the dress more “openly”. So, Galliano told that Diana herself wished to remove the inner corset, which was originally in this dress, making the fit, but it accentuates the natural curves of the body.

Celine Dion in the suit “backwards” from Dior 1999

In recent years, all could see that Celine Dion is ready to fashion experiments, but it is the quality of her absolutely not new — risk singer loved before! To verify this, just look at her image from the ceremony “Oscar” in 1999.

the Iconic image, which in many ways was ahead of its time (and then was also criticized), also created the John Galliano for Dior.

Celine Dion

When I came in this way, all women wore dresses, not pants. I was the only one who was wearing pants, but still wearing the jacket the contrary. If I wore that today, everything would be okay with it, but at the time it was avant-garde, — said the singer in an interview with People in 2017.

Jennifer Lopez in a dress with tropical print Versace in 2000

Another dress from Versace, which included not only the history of fashion, but also in the history of technology. The excitement caused by the outfit of the singer at the ceremony “Grammy”, was inspired by Google to create a search service of pictures. By the way, as in the case of Liz Hurley, the dress was the outfit, was found at the last moment.

Jennifer Lopez

Then it happened that actually I had no other dresses. Usually I have a choice, but it was the outfit, was found at the last minute and caused a sensation, which we did not expect — recalled J. Lo in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2020.

Courtney Love in “cut” a dress from Dior in 2000

the Dress that Courtney Love appeared at the ceremony “Golden globe”, was represented in the collection inspired by the homeless (the beauty of John Galliano looked everywhere, what makes his collection special). But as it turned out, Love was not the first star to wear a dress, but the fitting and held away from the eyes of photographers and the public.

Courtney Love

At the time I lived next door to Carrie Fisher and Meryl Streep was at her house. I put the dress in the bag from Armani and told my daughter Frances, so she took him Pacing. She returned with Polaroids from Meryl, in which she fooled around in this dress. I just fell over laughing, it was so funny, said Love in an interview with The Guardian in 2019.

I would Like to see those Polaroids!

Gwyneth Paltrow in a dress by Alexander McQueen in 2002

the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in 2002 (three years after the victory in the nomination “Best actress” for “Shakespeare in love” and the dresses shade of pink millennial) Gwyneth Paltrow made another little fashion revolution — brought the punk style on the red carpet.

the Dress really became significant, although Gwyneth still has some regrets about his way that night.

Gwyneth Paltrow
I still like the dress, but I had to put on a bra, make more simple hairstyle a La beach hair and apply less makeup. Then it would work the way I wanted — a little bit of punk at the Oscars, — admitted Paltrow in 2013.

Elle MacPherson in a yellow dress by Calvin Klein in 2005

a Yellow dress created by American designer Narciso Rodriguez for the brand Calvin Klein, has become one of the most photographed outfits at the Met Gala in 2005.

Elle MacPherson

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the model admitted that the original was a bit shocked by the bright shade dresses. In addition, she had a little secret — on the track she came in flip-flops! A long skirt can’t be seen.

Lady Gaga in the meat dress 2010

Dress made of meat, which was created by designer Franco Fernandez for the MTV VMA, has become one of the most shocking in the last decade and probably one of the last bright fashionable provocations. In that year, Gaga was the most nominated artist at the ceremony with a record thirteen nominations.

Lady Gaga

Many then felt that the attire is just another audacious trick of the singer without any hidden meaning, but it was not so. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga said that the image was pin to the address of the so-called policy “don’t ask, don’t tell”, as practiced in the us army so soldiers could keep their sexual orientation secret. In addition, this law, passed in 1993, prohibited to serve in the U.S. Armed forces to homosexuals of both sexes, if they did not hide their sexual orientation.

If we don’t defend what you believe in, and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we will have as much right as the meat on the bones — said the singer.

the law, by the way, was cancelled in 2011.

Kim Kardashian in a dress with a floral print in 2013

the Met Gala assumes the appearance of in stunning dresses that will be discuss a few weeks after the event, but rare outfits have caused so much controversy as the dress, designed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, where Kim Kardashian appeared on her first ball costume Institute. At that time she was pregnant with daughter North.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim was still not popular and admitted that he personally had not received an invitation and was marked in the lists only as “+1” to Kanye West, who performed that night.

No one probably really didn’t want me to be there — later recalled Kim.

Bodycon dress with sleeves-gloves and collar on the same day was the main topic of all memes, where it was compared including a sofa. The jokes and joined other stars. For example, Robin Williams has compared the image of Kim with his on-screen character, Mrs. Doubtfire, writing that he this outfit was more.

Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire image

I cried all the way home, — confessed Kardashian.

She also noted that initially thought of a black dress, but the Silence offered her floral print. br>then Ricardo said, “What you give pregnant wivesness? You send her flowers.” — quoted designer Kim.

But there were those who supported the “debutante ball”. Kardashian recalled that at the event she was approached by the Olsen twins and complimented her outfit.

Anne Hathaway in a pale pink gown by Prada in 2013

In this dress, the actress appeared at the ceremony “Oscar” where she received the statuette for her role in “Les Miserables.” An elegant image, however, remembered one piquant detail — the bodice was cut so that it created the illusion of “elastic nipple” (as is, incidentally, described herself Ann).

As it turned out, the outfit Hathaway also chose in haste, and time to think she was not. After the ceremony, Hathaway announced that he had decided to wear a dress just two hours before the ceremony (the alternative was a dress from Valentino, to whom Anne was almost inclined).

Anne Hathaway

I look in the mirror, turn to my husband Adam and say, “Looks like I have a heavy nipples”. He says: “You look beautiful. Your nipples look great. The red carpet is about to close. We have to go”, — described fees for the ceremony Anne in an interview.

Rihanna in a translucent dress with crystals 2014

In 2014, singer Rihanna won the award for “style icon” by the CFDA, and of course the outfit for the occasion had to be special. 216 embroidered with thousands of Swarovski crystals in a transparent dress designer Adam Selman are quite fit. For the designer it was a big success — dress made a splash, and Selman literally woke up a new celebrity in the fashion world.


But most of Rihanna left a few regrets. In her view, she and Adam slightly modified look, and wonder went out on the track and no underwear.

You just imagine if it was a dress it was with bra, embroidered with crystals too! This would be suicidal! This is the only regret I have in my life — admitted Rihanna in 2018.

Lupita Nyong’o in pale-blue Princess dress from Prada in 2014

For the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in 2014, Lupita Nyong’o and her stylist Micaela Erlanger chose one of the classic styles of Hollywood fashion. Inspiration searched in images stars of the past, including Elizabeth Taylor.

Lupita Nyong’o

But the dress was “coded” and even a few secrets. Thus, a light-blue shade dresses symbolized Nairobi — this color reminds the actress about the capital, where she grew up. In an interview with Erlanger also said that discreet light effect on the skirt was supposed to remind of champagne.

Beyonce in sheer dress with embroidery in 2015

Beyonce has shown admirable persistence in terms of choice of attire: six balls Met Gala, she appeared in outfits by Riccardo Tisci (he was working at Givenchy). In 2015 this is the fourth time Beyonce appeared in a dress from Tisci at the Met Gala, so the choice was well thought out, although this is completely transparent dress embroidered with stones from Lorraine Schwartz will definitely be the most spectacular. Improvisation happened with the haircut.


She Beyonce rarely speaks about her images, but her hair stylist Neil Farina told Us Weekly that the star suddenly asked for a completely new hairstyle, as they made their way to the event. So they had to go back and Neal altered styling. A high ponytail has caused no less excitement in the press reviews than the dress itself. Well, Beyonce and Jay-Z were the last who arrived on the carpet. And the most photographed. However, this spectacular image was worth the wait.

Bella Hadid in a dress with a high slit in 2016

the Outfit by Alexandre Vauthier, which model Bella Hadid appeared at the Cannes film festival, also went down in fashion history as one of the riskiest outfits. Bella herself called it in one of the interviews the most courageous way that she ever showed. It’s a great cut scarlet dress that reaches almost to the waist. Dress became one of the most talked about at the festival.

Bella Hadid

I always wanted a red dress, even as a little girl. I don’t usually Mudela with my outfits for the red carpet and chose black. But then decided to risk it — and was flattered by how many good reviews you have received,

— bell admitted in an interview with Teen Vogue.

to find Fault the critics find it difficult Bella made sure that the moment of triumph turns to failure. It seems that this cut will have to do without underwear, but it was sewn inside the dress.

Amal Clooney in a suit with a train in 2018

Another outfit that entered the history of the Met Gala, however, is not without scandal. Like Kim Kardashian, Amal for her first Ball costume Institute chose the floral print, but, as it turned out, she was supposed to appear on the track in a completely different outfit. For the wife of George Clooney has been prepared gown from Tom Ford, over which the designer team worked for several weeks, but at the last moment, Amal changed her mind and made a choice in favor of a young British brand Richard Quinn (fame he got after the show was visited by Queen Elizabeth II).

Amal Clooney

However, and dress from Ford came in handy — it Amal wore to a private party after the prom, which further upset the designer, as he requested that the client give up the dress, again not complied with the agreement about the appearance of it on a red carpet to��OSCE.

Gemma Chan in a pink dress by Valentino in 2019

Careful and practical fashionista noticed the best detail evening dress, Gemma Chan wore to the ceremony of “Oscar” — pockets!

Gemma Chan

let’s face it, designers are deprived of women in normal everyday clothes, to say nothing of evening dresses! Apparently, Gemma was unable to resist such a rarity.

In an interview, the actress joked that she chose this dress with the pockets to put chocolate chip cookies and snacking on them during the show. br>Lunch it will not feed, , with a smile, said Chan.

Zendaya in flowing around the top of Tom Ford in the year 2020

Hardly anyone could look away from Sendai at the ceremony, Critics Choice Awards, and this despite the fact that spectacular top, reminiscent of armor, from Tom Ford before it had time to try another celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow posed in it for the shooting of American Harper’s Bazaar. But the stylist Sendai Lo roach not satisfied with a panel sample (the value of a thing by the way, 15 thousand dollars!). For Sendai made an individual the top in its standards. This did a 3D scan.


In fact, we had a fitting with this top before, but Zendaya said that she wished that there was a form of her Breasts and draw more, — was told by the stylist.

Perfect fit has largely been to ensure that the image of Sendai created such a furor.

Kim Kardashian in a vintage “oyster” dress by Alexander McQueen in 2020

the Ceremony of “Oscar” and the subsequent party Vanity Fair became one of the last big social events before there was a pandemic of coronavirus and all public events ceased.

Kim Kardashian

prior To this, Kim has already established itself as the connoisseur of vintage clothing, but the dress is from the collection of Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2003 is clearly one of the main decorations of retrolateral Kardashian. The outfit is one of the most iconic creations Alexander McQueen and a real fashion rarity. There are only two instances: the one Kanye West gave Kim, buying it from one of the collectors, and the second is kept in the Museum of Victoria and albert in London.