Scientists from the Canada public health Agency and Manitoba University found that when applying SARS-Cov-2 to the fabric of a hundred percent cotton the virus is degraded in less than a day. About it write “news”.

in addition, experts revealed that the use of masks made from such a material is most safely and profitably. So, even three layers of t-shirt of pure cotton have the same level of protection as surgical clothing.

the Specialists explained that if a cotton clothes to put in the closet, then a day later it can be considered roughly considered safe. As stated by the Deputy head of the laboratory of analysis of indicators of population health and the digitization of health MIPT Stanislav Otstavnov, explore various tissues is important because now you need to understand the conditions in which the virus survives and dies the fastest.

the experts say that cotton fabric in a multilayer mask protects against virus a little worse than medical. However, it successfully delays respiratory droplets, which spread SARS-Cov-2.

Earlier it was found that the cotton has become one of the most quickly rising in price of commodities. In the beginning of the pandemic this product in the world much cheaper. Now, however, some investors expect the supply constraints on the demand recovery may lead to even higher prices.