All 16 clubs of the Russian Premier League (RPL) has begun the preparations for the restart of the championship. Three weeks before him, they have different reasons for concern and optimism. Some of them, of course, connected with the coronavirus.The football championship of Russia will be resumed on 21 June, and currently a huge proportion relevant to domestic sports news is related to the fact, as the clubs of the Russian Premier League prepare for it. These very different shades: positive, negative and neutral. Different, and their ratio in the RPL teams.In the rank of unconditional leader of the championship to restart suitable “Zenit”, leading to nine points “the locomotive” and “Krasnodar”. And in the public field in the past few days not spilled anything that could be interpreted as a sign that St. Petersburg can be difficult after the restart.The interlocutors close to the club tell us that during the quarantine, all zenitovsky legionaries were in St. Petersburg, and the fitness coaches daily conducted online classes (though they were mostly training on the treadmill and stationary bikes). Now the team, as reported in a press-service, trains on the basis of a Specific Park in the “maximum” for this stage of the regime — “in a limited, small groups with observance of all security measures, in accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor”, and “coronavirus none detected”. The picture is more or less complete, given the specificity of circumstances, well-being complements yesterday’s news: the main trainer of “Zenith” Sergei Semak, who a year ago led him to the title, renew the contract under the scheme “2+1”.The can be saturated in the emotional life nearest competitor, “Zenit” — “Locomotive” (he is ahead of Krasnodar on additional indicators). However, the man who for a week has distracted from what is happening in domestic football and all of a sudden decided to look at media railroad, would think that all of it comes down to trying as it is possible more warmly to say goodbye to the dismissed head coach Yuri Semin. All the latest posts on the official website and Twitter of “Locomotive” is a message with the hashtag #Casinopolis. But parting ways with Semin, whose who arrived in Moscow changer Marko Nikolic will be able to meet the players after dwindling quarantine, this life, of course, not exhaustive. Lokomotiv, drove to the base in Bakovka on Thursday, and was immediately taken aback by the report that coronavirus infection was diagnosed in four players: Dmitry Barinov, Anton Kochenkov, Timur Suleimanov and Roman Tugareva. A list of infected persons is not limited: even before it became known about the positive test striker Jefferson farfán. Although this is not something to catastrophic losses (only debut this season, was among the key players of “Locomotive”), the press service of the club then published the photos with the “intense” training team in Bakovka.”Krasnodar” gathered to prepare for the restart of the championship at the beginning of may, and, according to the head coach of Kuban club Murad Musayev, from this moment, some players are already doing on their own, observing precautions. Ten days ago the club profit by leading the Legionnaires, who went on a two-week quarantine. Officially cases of infection with coronavirus in the team, there was not, however, midfielder Magomed Shapi Suleymanov admitted that you were over him in the form of light. In addition, the public was scandalous episode with the participation of Brazilians of Wánderson and Cayo recognized in “Krasnodar” best player of the month before the championship. They broke a sports mode and staged a noisy party in the Instagram stream. Later the record was deleted, and the club left the incident without comment. Apparently, the first home match after the resumption of the season in which the team will meet with “Dynamo” on June 21, they will spend without spectators, although the Russian football Union (RFU) last week obtained permission to fill one-tenth of the stands at the championship game. In the regional Ministry of sports said that the ban on visiting public events will run until the third stage of epidemiological withdrawal restrictions, and implemented first.”Rostov” behind “Krasnodar” on three points, all members gathered may 21. All tests of the players, coaching staff and employees “Rostov” on COVID-19 gave a negative result. However, the coronavirus has picked up the defenders Konstantin Pliev and Nikolay Poyarkov, which belong to Rostovites, but now on loan in favor of “Rubin”.CSKA, coming in two points behind of FC Rostov during coronavirus idle time to solve one of the key personnel issues, extending the contract with head coach Viktor Goncharenko. The new agreement is designed till the end of next season. Belarusian expert during the quarantine was at home, but on may 19 he returned to Moscow. And yesterday, the army started training at the base in Vatutinki.Closing the top six “Dynamo” first, in mid-may, has noted reports about a mass identify “abnormalities” in the test result for coronavirus. He was discovered at five. The list includes two players of a basis — defender Roman Evgenev and forward Sylvester Igboun. On may 28, the Dynamo began the permanent training base in Novogorsk.The reason to be proud of the Tula “Arsenal” a little behind “Dynamicabout” is the fact that the stadium of the club and its database is already installed disinfecting tunnels in which the players and staff undergo automatic processing to protect against coronavirus. Also disinfected all sports equipment. The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the “Arsenal” were recorded. Training the team began may 21. Until the middle of last week, the players practiced individually. The club noted that the resumption of the championship match in full combat readiness and during the quarantine “finally recovered goalkeeper Igor Shamov and midfielder Igor Gorbatenko”.From failing to pause “Spartacus”, which is on par with Arsenal, the news a lot. And the proportion of about “half in half”: one bad, one good. Coronavirus infection — in Zelimkhan Bakaev’s important to attack the figure, but Roman Zobnin, no less significant for the Spartak midfield character, had been ill in the period of self-isolation already “fully healthy”. And yet “fully recovered” after a recurrence of the injury of Achilles once highly quoted goalkeeper Oleksandr Selikhov. Ayaz Guliyev was sent to the reserves, but he signed a full contract with leased from “wings of the Soviets” scorer Alexander Sobolev. The rain last weekend did not stop “Spartak” to train at their base in the village twice a day.”Spartacus,” “the Arsenal” and even “Dynamo” is not really a separate niche in the table, and the vanguard of a large group of teams, each of which has to be remembered that two or three misfires can lead to fatal consequences. Between the Dynamo and the lower row of the table “Akhmat” the same amount of points and seats ten.In the back of “Spartak” with “Arsenal” breathes “Ufa”, which since may 18, holding a training camp in the city of Asha, Chelyabinsk region, on the basis of the sports complex “metallurg”. Tests for coronavirus at the club are rented weekly, and while positive is not among them. That is located in Ufa “Ural mountains” the situation is worse, as a striker Pavel Pogrebnyak was diagnosed with coronavirus. And identify impact on the training process. The outdoor activities team has begun still on may 21, but not on its base, and in the observation, about 50 km from Yekaterinburg.In “Tambov” all is quiet. Coronaviruses are no contracts with coaches Sergey Pervushin and Timur Shipsim extended for a year. Personnel adjustments reduced to breakup after the end of the lease term with the half the Village by Hazanovym and Miguel Cardoso, who must return to the location of CSKA and “Dynamo”. Rented with the other players agreement extended for two months, that applies to one of the team leaders this season — belonged to the “Spartcu” striker Georgi Melkadze. The dilemma of where to play home matches for the remainder of the season in your hometown, or remain in Nizhny Novgorod, resolved in favor of the Nizhny Novgorod arena, where it is possible to use a system VAR.Quietly and in Sochi. But in “Orenburg”, as in “the Locomotive” on the contrary, calm and no smell. Former coach Konstantin Emelyanov, who led the club in December last year and spent only three games, sacked, and temporarily fulfilling its duties assigned by Ilshat Aytkulov. And in “Orenburg” was replaced by the President: instead of Vladimir Kiyaev they became Vasily Eremkin. In addition, left the team striker George Despotovic and goalkeeper Alexander Dovbnya. Especially noticeable is the loss of Despotovich, who scored this season with eight goals and was the best scorer of the team. He decided not to renew relations with the Orenburg and plans to continue his career in another team. Plus coronavirus bypassed “Orenburg” side. Testing showed the presence of the virus in goalkeeping coach Platon Zakharchuk and four people was discovered antibodies: players in Philip Rogic, jig Skofic, Andrea Chukanov and head coach Evgeny Stukalov.As “Orenburg”, only the points from the relegation zone — Rubin, who coronavirus indefinitely deprived of Konstantin Pliev and Nikolay Poyarkov (both this year in the composition, however, does not fall). Followed by “wings of the Soviets”. They lost played a prominent role in the protection of veteran Alexander anyukova might want to try yourself in the coaching profession. The problem coronavirus “Wings” are not encountered, and closing the table “Ahmad”.Department sportacus pandemic coronavirus change the face of sports to further tranliterate