After the resignation of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, the deputy leader of the Greens parliamentary group, Agnieszka Brugger, named requirements that a successor must meet.

“In times of war on our continent and in view of the complex challenges in the most difficult of all departments, the successor needs someone who finally tackles the problems that have been known for years and have been left undone,” Brugger told the editorial network Germany.

The green defense expert added: “The person must have a sure instinct for the troops, maintain close ties with our international partners and seek real dialogue with the people in the country on difficult security policy issues,” said Brugger.

The Greens politician also expressed respect for the previous incumbent: “Anyone who resigns from politics certainly didn’t make it easy for themselves before,” Brugger told RND. “I have great respect for Christine Lambrecht’s decision. She put the matter above herself.”