Resguardar helped war veterans to deal with isolation

Soldiers and members of the Central district of Regardie in terms of quarantine measures took custody of the veterans of the great Patriotic war and families of officers of Regardie killed in the line of duty. They give them food and medicine. In Moscow, they visited the war veteran, retired Colonel Dmitry Semenovich Goryainov. He’s 101 years old. He is a member of the Manchurian operation of 1945. Awarded orders of the red Star, the “great Patriotic war” medals.

the food and medicines taken also the police Sergeant, retired 93-year-old Paul Elizarovich Chernoyarov. At 17 he went to the front. Participated in the liberation of Estonia and Latvia, was wounded, awarded the medal “For military merit”.

Among those who visited resguardar – the veteran of work, 99-year-old Natalia Kuzmina, who worked during the war in the rear

In Ryazan resguardar joined the volunteer movement. They assist in the delivery of food and medicine to elderly people living in conditions of isolation. Daily make several visits.

In the Tula soldiers of Regardie visited the participant of the Stalingrad battle, a retired Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Markovich Miroshnichenko, as well as the families of the victims in the service of the hero of Russia the Lieutenant of internal troops Evgeny Ryndin and the senior Lieutenant of militia Dmitry Gorshkov.

a total of 130 care provided to veterans and the families of employees.