According to the information-analytical Agency Content Review, Russia is among the countries with the lowest value of the mobile Internet. So, the average cost of 1 Gigabyte in the world is 188,42 rubles, and in Russia – 31.56 rubles.

the Researchers note that the increase in the average cost of 1 Gigabyte in the world due to the launch of 5G networks. Operators either impose additional margin for the connection to 5G, or raise all the rates. The decrease in the cost of 1 Gigabyte in Russia due to the launch operators tariffs with a large content of the packet traffic, which in turn was caused by growing consumption of mobile Internet services by subscribers.

Analysts note that the average cost tariff with unlimited Internet in the world amounted to 3981,11 of the ruble, in Russia – 887,5 of the ruble (last year and by 602.5 3181 rubles respectively). In the first half of the tariffs with unlimited Internet refused the operators of 9 countries, the remaining countries the rates increased significantly.

“Pandemic coronavirus, and the ensuing regime of self-isolation was hit hard not so much on the operators’ revenues, how much infrastructure and networks, the burden has increased significantly, – says the head of the Content Review and the author of the study Sergey Polovnikov. – This was the main reason for the refuse from unlimited tariffs in almost every fifth country of the world. It should be noted that subscribers with high consumption and willingness to pay for it operators in most countries have introduced block tariffs with a giant, but specifically a limited number of Internet traffic”.