the Specialists of the portal has compared the average price of apartments with the average rental rate in the 70 largest cities with the population over 300 thousand people. It turned out that becoming rentiers are best in Magnitogorsk. The property is worth 1.66 million roubles, and the rent of 14 515 rubles per month. That is, it “returns” at 10.5% of the cost annually, its acquisition will pay off in just 9.5 years. Good results also from Astrakhan (yield equal to 9.8%, the payback period is 10.2 years), Cherepovets (9.1% and 11 years), Nizhny Tagil (8.6% and 11.6 years) and terrible (7.9% and 12.7 years).

Closes the list of Vladivostok. Rents here are higher than in Magnitogorsk – 22 973 ruble, and the cost of an apartment is significantly more than 6.66 million rubles. Accordingly, the yield of housing, which is only 4.1%, the cost of it will return only after 24.2 years. Disadvantageous to be a rentier in Moscow (4.2% of the annual return of 23.9 years), Sochi (4.3% of 23), Saint Petersburg (4.5% and 22.2 years) and Belgorod (4.8% 21).

the Average yield on apartment in Russia as a whole amounted to 6% per annum, the average payback period is 16.6 years. Compared to the previous year to rent an apartment has become a little more profitable in 2019 was at 5.6% yield and 18 years period.

At the same time, analysts point out that for simplicity of calculation doesn’t consider the cost of the owner to repair the apartment, utilities, taxes, and downtime during the search for the next tenant, and the cost of promotion ads.

At the same time, in most regions, the rental yield exceeds the yield on Bank deposits, which today is most often 4-6%, emphasizes the CEO of the portal Pavel Lutsenko. When you buy an apartment for earnings on rent, he advises to pay attention to the proximity of housing to downtown, subway stations and other transportation routes. In the apartment you need to make a simple but neat and modern renovation, furnish it sturdy, durable furniture and equipped with appliances. Then housing will be less idle and more expensive to give up, which will increase its profitability and accelerate return on investment.