According to the federal government, there are sometimes considerable restrictions in the critical infrastructure in several federal states. This emerges from a confidential management report by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is available to “Business Insider”.

In addition to the health sector, critical infrastructure also includes the supply of energy and food, as well as finance and insurance, communication, transport and the functioning of the state and its administration.

In the document classified as “VS – Only for official use”, which is available to Business Insider, ten individual areas are analyzed. The status of the individual sectors is shown in a traffic light system from dark green (“no restrictions on critical services”) to orange (“significant restrictions”). Gray in the table means that there is “room for interpretation” as to whether and how big the restrictions could be.

White is not discussed in the legend but may indicate incomplete data. The symbols within the boxes show how the situation in the area has changed since the previous week.

The Hanseatic City of Bremen (HB) seems to be best prepared at the moment: With the exception of health, there are no restrictions to be expected in any of the areas. In Hesse (HE), on the other hand, only the area of ​​finance and insurance is dark green, the rest is yellow to orange (“significant restrictions”). Apparently no data was reported from Hamburg (HH).

For the federal government, the overview shows that no restrictions are to be expected in the areas of nutrition and state/administration. Health care is rated significantly worse, with “considerable restrictions” to be expected here, with minor restrictions in the water supply.