After the protests in Iran, the regime is said to have executed a 23-year-old demonstrator. It is the first execution of the death penalty in connection with the protests.

In Iran, a death sentence has been carried out for the first time in connection with the protests against the leadership in Tehran, which have been going on for almost three months. The state news agency IRNA reported that a man was executed on Thursday for injuring a member of the paramilitary Basij militias during a roadblock in Tehran at the end of September.

The human rights activist Mahmood Airy-Moghaddam from “Iran Human Rights” speaks on Twitter of “show trials”. The prosecution accused the man of blocking roads and injuring an officer with a knife.

According to the Misan news agency, the executed man is said to be Mohsen Shekari. He was sentenced to death on December 20. Other detainees could now face the same fate. Shekari was hanged early Thursday morning.

According to official information, five other demonstrators were sentenced to death on Wednesday in connection with the system-critical protests in Iran. At least five protesters have been sentenced to death for the death of a security officer, according to Justice spokesman Massoud Setayeshi on Tuesday, the Isna news agency reported. Setajeschi spoke of “murder” in this context. Eleven others, including three demonstrators under the age of 18, were sentenced to long prison terms for involvement in the “murder”. At the same time, 1,200 demonstrators were released, Setajeschi said.

The death sentences could be appealed, it said. According to human rights organizations, at least 18,000 people were arrested during the mass protests in Iran that have been going on for more than two months. It is unclear how many charges have already been filed. The authorities usually accuse them of taking part in illegal demonstrations, causing unrest or endangering national security. In November, demonstrators were sentenced to death for the first time. Iran is one of the countries that also enforces the death penalty.