The government wants to give the Registrar the ability to have registers not only stock companies, but also OOO. Companies interested in extension of business — number of legal entities may triple. Reduction of costs for keeping the register and the Commission of corporate actions will help and large holdings, which include large numbers of OOO. But relevant changes in legislation will have to wait at least a year.Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved in early July a road map for the transformation of the business climate in the area of corporate governance. A document published recently on the government website, provides amendments to the law “in terms of securing the possibility of the Registrar’s duties on conducting and storage of the list of participants of”. According to the roadmap, it is expected that in December the bill will make to the government in February 2021 — the state Duma to make amendments by July.Now the alienation of shares of LLC must be made through the notary who submits documents to register. Preservation of the existing chain of actions for registrars, will only mean storing the list of owners of shares cannot be registered as corporate events. Meanwhile, as noted by General Director of JSC DREDGE Maxim Murashov, the Registrar is interested in maintaining lists of participants, but also in charge of accounting of rights to shares, this will provide the LLC members with the same level of confidentiality.As told “Kommersant” member of the Duma Committee on financial market, Alexey Lyashchenko, in the meeting change the order of corporate actions in respect of LLC was conducted over six months. According to him, taking into account the views of the market and FNS developed “total solution” that changes the owners of shares of the LLC should now be recorded in the register, which will allow you to keep the transparency of information about owners to reduce investment risks. According to Alexey Lyashchenko, if the company is small with a rare corporate event, it will continue to work through a notary. If the company large and a lot of events, he will be allowed to work through the Registrar. The FTS did not respond to a request “b”.In large holding companies, there is a demand for the services of registrars with respect to the service, OOO, as they maintain registers of shareholders and parent companies, says CEO and co-owner NRK-R. O. S. T. Oleg of Zhiznenko. According to him, the key value is not cost cutting, but a unified system of monitoring the effectiveness of corporate actions in the perimeter of the holding and the uniform standards of corporate governance.”Amendments to legislation will allow a large company and by holdings to reduce your expenses for notaries, as well as to improve the efficiency and speed of registration of the Corporation��active changes,” agrees Mr. Lyashchenko. According to him, mostly anticipated changes in legislation will affect, OOO, which includes, for example, in “Gazprom” or “assistance”.can become, according to expert estimates, new customers companiile Registrar of Zhiznenko estimated market volume in 100 thousand societies from the total number of just over 2.9 million, OOO. For comparison: currently, the Registrar shall maintain registers about 51 thousand stock. Respondents in large holdings — “inter RAO UES”, “Gazprom”, “Assistance” not answered “y”.Changes will help in the development of the market of Registrar services suggested by the participants. The government has launched a major project to streamline the system of corporate governance and convergence of regulatory systems JSC and LLC, said the General Director of the Registrar “the Status” Lyudmila Mironov. In her opinion, in the proposed approach, the choice remains between the notary and the Registrar, and this competition will have a positive impact on the quality of services provided and pricing.Polina Smorodskaya