Less than a week of incarceration in Lefortovo journalist, Advisor to the General Director of “Rosatom” Ivan Safronov has lost 5 kg But says it’s not from stress.

If I lose weight every time I experienced stress, then I would have nothing left – he sneers. – Would be zeroed out.

From under a stylish jacket looks black prison Mike (an element from the set of the robes the prisoner) – it seems Safronov will lead a new fashion in the most harsh prison in the country. And the unusual styling of hair (sticking up), says, “formed itself” as a result of the lack of the ability to wash behind bars more than once a week.

Accused under article 275 of the criminal code “high treason” Ivan Safronov slowly settles in “Lefortovo”. In captivity, he seriously decided to do sports. But in jail, you know, it’s not that simple. Worried that even the walk sees the sky “in the box”.

About your life-being behind bars Ivan told the observer “MK”, who visited him as a member of the PMC in Moscow.

Safronova lead to the room for short visits, because to communicate, you can still only here and only through the glass (restrictions due to quarantine and is not removed). He looks much better than after the first night in “Lefortovo”.

— good to see you – says Ivan. – How is will? I still do not know – the TV does not work because the antenna is still there.

How so? Relatives said that the antenna they took on Thursday. Moreover, according to them, the officer examined her and confirmed that she is “the right of the established sample”.

And I never brought … I guess that I did not watch TV and did not know the news.

See, you were allowed to change into your clothes! So much better than the prison garb.

Yes, things gave. Tank that’s just left. On the court I will go in costume to look normal. But no tie – I took it off and gave it to the lawyer in court. In jail he, like the laces, the forbidden subject.

– And the haircut is new. Cut your hair off? Missed?

– She “missed”. Bath day here on Thursdays, that’s yet to clean up.

– In any case, the mood you are much better than what it was last time.

Trying not to faint.

the Pressure that you do not have?

– No, no pressure on me in “Lefortovo” no. And in another place – you know.

I’ve been told that there will be psychological testing. Yes?

— It is unlikely, especially in “Lefortovo” and a psychologist now, no.

a jail Employee entered the conversation and explained that a psychologist in the state of the detention center at the moment. Says Safronov apparently not correctly understand something and, most likely, had in viewthat will remove it for examination.

– In the Institute of Serbian I would not like to pass “testing” – ironically Ivan. – Can I allow each day to be weighed? I started to actively lose weight (with 89 already dropped to 84 kg), but I can’t lose weight below a certain level, otherwise there will be health problems.

– Why lose weight? Do not eat local food?

– Eat. And I even like the local food. Now I brought the pea soup, I love it. And he’s good here (of course, mom makes tastes better, but this wasn’t bad). I told the cook, who carried the food, today, humanly speaking, thank you. And the portions here are large.

Then comes, the stress lose weight?

– Stress here. I’ve experienced… If I’d lost weight due to stress, it would long ago have dried up. Would be zeroed out (just kidding).

And I lose weight, because many do. Only 250-300 sit-UPS and push-UPS, rock press… and all for 10 reps. Walking is also exercise, although there is a small courtyard – 3 to 4 meters and of the “sports equipment” is only bolted to the floor bench. But fresh air is a no. It is a pity that the sky is not visible, rather it in the box in a literal sense.

Sleep well?

Not really. Dreams different dreams… But not nightmares. Trying to get to sleep with the light on (it, by the rules, even at night, leave), but it’s not very good.

Back still hurts? Last time you complained. Staff told us that the mattress you don’t have to change, because he has not been ruined.

I’m already used to it. And to the pillow trying to get used to (I got kind of small, not formatted). But if you can’t — that it would be replaced if possible.

Still can’t get used to that boiling water for tea should be “order” in a certain time.

You can use an immersion heater or small kettle, if my family will give.

– I don’t know. Ask them if you can, send. Family already made one peredachku. Came lot. Tracksuit now you can sport to do it. Not accepted bed linen (it’s got color, and then only plain can), juices, coffee “three in one”… But now there are drying. I love to read books and drink tea. Ordered in the library a list of 60 books.

Symbolically, our conversation ended on drying. Just the information of “SU” or “dryers”, according to our data, there is in the case (imputed, which passed this information to foreigners). Ivan did not know that he came to support the colleagues to the walls of the jail on July 13. From the Windows of the chambers “Lefortovo” was not heard the noise during their detention. From there is generally little heard and seen.