Toby Alderweireld has a good heart and let them see it through to the English-ambulancier Tayla Porter to call her on the work she and her colleagues are carrying out. “You are doing a great job,” said the Red Devil would Wear, which, in addition to ambulancier a fan of Alderweirelds team, Tottenham Hotspur. “It is you who are the heroes and get the recognition you deserve, don’t get it. You will be able to be proud of yourself.”

The ambulancier went out last week to all over the world with a video of the whole neighborhood together for her and she clapped before returning to her work for the county. “I think the movie is great,” said Alderweireld, so I decided I wanted her to make a point to call her and thank her for her work and her courage.” The Red Devil, made a promise to the ambulancier his shirt again.

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A special moment in time to connect with Tayla, one of the many #NHS heroes, and a true Spurs fan ?? Thanks to @sportbible for getting us in touch.

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Alderweireld bought them a few weeks ago, all of the iPads in the English hospitals. “We get a good response from the people who are still with their families, we can stop talking about it,” he said to the advocate of this COURT.