rose Leslie and kit Harington

After the end of the series “Game of thrones” it stars kit Harington and rose Leslie for some time left in the shade. First, it became known that the 33-year-old actor is like the treatment of alcohol dependence in the clinic, well, then the coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to lock up the house.

However, recently the spouse finally got together. Along with his 33-year-old wife, rose Leslie, the novel which he began on the set of the fantasy Saga, Harrington photographed on the street in London.

walking the pair came together with their favorite pet kit led on a leash.

Harington and Leslie have been married for two years. About the personal life of the couple is not too spreads and leads a pretty private life. However, before the wedding, Keith was more talkative and willing to tell how they started and rose Roman. The whale was a big romantic and carefully planned how to make the offer sweetheart, but in the end didn’t turn out as he thought.

I had a plan how I want to make an offer. Everything was prepared. I was going to put the lights on the trees and create a romantic atmosphere, but, as usual, everything went according to plan. The day before we stood under the beautiful night sky, and I broke down and confessed to everything ahead,

‘ he confessed.

the Wedding lovers noted in Scotland, where they invited their colleagues and friends on the series. Celebration, the couple celebrated in style at the family castle of the family of Leslie of the XII century.