According to the newspaper Aftenposten, started the whole tradition with our latest updates in Bergen in 1923 with a reklamestunt by two young writers that ended with the entire city thought the train was robbed.

– There are many who believe that this is the prelude to the tradition with our latest updates in Norway. After this release, it was common to launch kriminalbøker to easter, ” says director of information at Gyldendal, Bjarne Budal to Aftenposten.

our latest updates are both radio play on radio, books and tv shows.

What can you about our latest updates? We have taken a small dive in the archive. Enjoy påskeegget and quiz in the way. Happy easter!

1/9 Hercule Poirot is one of our most famous faces in the påskekrimmen. But what is the name of the actor? Photo: ITV / ITV Philip Jackson David, the suchet, John the suchet Mauriche Chevalier 2/9 …and what is the name of his creator?

A woman who is known for a number of krimfortellinger, one might say.

Ruth Rendell Angela Carter Jane Marple Agatha Christie 3/9 What is the name of The largest our latest updates in years? Photo: ITV/NRK

Easter in the year are different – but krimmen consists! We can all enjoy ourselves with murder and mysteries when most of us can’t go very far. What is The largest krimsatsning in the year?

The fourth rider in the Confessions Buried secrets Miracle 4/9 This is the world’s best-selling krimfortelling. What is the name of it?

the Picture has nothing to do with the tale – other than that this is an island.

Photo: Marit Kolberg / NRK

the British crimea: A smaller bunch of people are gathered on an island. No one knows quite correct why they are there, and they’ll never meet their hosts. Not unexpectedly, they die. The whole story is based on a nursery rhyme. We wonder what the story is called in Norwegian.

the Workings of irony Ten small negerbarn The gales island Dog from Baskerville 5/9 What was the driver to kriminalsjef the foyle?

Driver xx and kriminalsjef the foyle.

Photo: Eleventh Hour Films & All3Media Int

Kriminalsjef the foyle is a british tv program season that ran on the Norwegian broadcasting corporation from 2002 to 2015. The series takes place during the second world war in Hastings, England, where detective Christopher the foyle attempts to catch criminals who exploit the confusion the war has created. The driver and his played a large role. But what is the name of the character?

Caroline Graham, Samantha Stewart Christina the foyle Charlotte Ritter 6/9 What associated with inspector Morse? Photo: AP/Scanpix

This popular series ran on TV from 1987 to 2000 and was about førstebetjent Morse (John Thaw) and valet Lewis (Kevin Whately). The killings unfolded in the Oxford area. Morse had a love for several things – but which of the below corresponds best?

the sport of cricket drink of whiskey to be sweet and spooky classical music and opera 7/9 …and who remembers what this guy was called?

Enough a british older gentleman who fixes the mordgåter in the week of easter.

Photo: Granada

One can hardly say that there are plenty of older, white gentlemen in the british crimea – and this guy is no exception. Do you remember what his name was?

Tom Barnaby Thomas Lynley Jack Frost James Hathaway 8/9 Finish the sentence, which often came after a little more foxtrot-music: “Good evening, -”

the Voice was probably more familiar to most than the face.

Photo: NRK

our latest updates is not just for the eyes, but also for the ears! It has been sent a lot of mysteries on the radio up through the ages. The episodes began as a rule with a small clip of the theme song – a foxtrot – before the main character introduced himself. What did he say?

they may not know who I am? I’m Wimsey. Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey. I’m sorry to interfere, but something horrid has happened. my name is Cox. 9/9 What is the name of the author of the Vera?

“Vera” is one of The påskekrimmer in the year.

Photo: Helen Williams / Helen Williams

It is not just older men who resolve mordgåter. It is the older ladies, too, or the “old aunts” as they are often referred to. Miss Marple is Agatha Cristie. So we have this year’s shrewd woman Vera. But what is the name of her creator – in other words, the author of the books, not the tv series.

Ann Cleeves Brenda Blethyn Ariadne Oliver Louise Penny Your profit

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