The majority of the atletiekatleten is concerned that a reduction in the number of anti-doping tests, as a result of the coronacrisis, in the event of irregularity in the competitions later in the year.

The independent atletenorganisatie The Athletics Association did a survey of 685 athletes from 82 countries. It was found that 78 per cent of the respondents said they would be concerned about the validity of the results at the end of the season. Due to the coronacrisis the German doping control system in the world almost come to a grinding halt.

Furthermore, 82 per cent of the athletes at the moment, in spite of the strict measures taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus, it has to keep on working hard. About an equal number (86 per cent) will be in the fall of this year and the races to finish as the gezondheidsituatie the city.

Some of the athletes, however, is a concern, are the qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan, which have been moved to the summer of 2021. Wereldatletiekbond World of Athletics had this week, you know the qualifying period for the Games to be suspended until the 30th of november. More than sixty percent of the respondents to the survey fear on the subject of irregularities, as some of the athletes from the 1 of december games to finish, but that is not possible, as, for example, in their countries and coronamaatregelen in place.

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