for several decades, thousands of norwegians traveled to Strömstad to attach on maundy Thursday. But because of the koronaviruset was not there any alternative in years.

While both police and publicans have reported quiet conditions along the Swedish border takes on maundy Thursday, the police in Birmingham and in the South of norway that has been rånerne in your lap.

Over 100 cars by young people has on Thursday evening taken Sørlandsparken outside Kristiansand, writes VG. The police are worried that youngsters do not follow smittevernsreglene.

” Our biggest concern is the bad attitudes towards infection control. There is not much dugnadsånd out there, ” says operasjonsleder Sveinung Alsaker to the newspaper.

A car driver is reviewed, and the driving license are seized, informs the Agder police district on Twitter.

According to the operasjonslederen drove the driver with a passenger part of the roof through a skylight.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen. “Orderly” in Lillestrøm

Also at Birmingham, there have been hundreds of rånere in the course of the day. In the parking lot outside Norway trade Fairs met people from large parts of Eastern norway up to see the drive in-concert with Steve “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen and Erik Röv.

– This was fantastic fun. It is to see that the people sit in their cars and hooting and enjoying themselves, it was a lot of fun, reported Thorbjørnsen on his Instagram-profile after the first concert.

It has not yet gotten any messages from the police stating that the party in Lillestrøm has passed over the track.

I was skeptical of the event, because it was sold with the rølpestemning. But I spoke with the police after the first concert and everything was done in orderly and modest forms. It is, I’m very happy, ” says mayor Jørgen Vik in Lillestrøm municipality.

Erik Röv perform in front of 200 cars during a drive in-concert in Lillestrøm maundy Thursday.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix Would “bjuda” a little

at the same time as the Norwegian rånerne started the party in Lillestrøm, arranged the swedes their own maundy Thursday-party in Strömstad.

Swedish Ulf Trolling-Lindgren missed the Norwegian rånerne so much that he invited to his own party.

Photo: Birger Kjølberg/NRK

Swedish Ulf Trolling-Lindgren missed namely the norwegians so much that he took the initiative to create a separate version of the rånerfesten.

It was empty in the city when the norwegians did not come. I would “bjuda in” a bit, so I collected a bunch of older gentleman’s with vintage cars. We collected 40-50 cars that drove kortesje with the police in front and behind. It was quite stylish, ” he says when NRK meet him on the border between Norway and Sweden.

Want to contribute to the English party next year

Trolling-Lindgren says that bilkortesjen was well received and that people filled the streets to cheer and take pictures. But he admits that it was a slightly strange day without the thousands of young norwegians in the city.

– There is a lot of drunkenness and uproar, quite, but that’s okay! To have a kind of carnival in Strömstad once a year? It is just great, just great, ” he says.

the Swede is hoping that the Norwegian rånerne will characterize the cityscape on maundy Thursday again next year. When he promises that also the older Swedish gentlemen will line up at the party.

– we have to make sure! We’re not going to run at the same time as the norwegians, but we are waiting until they have done their. So, get it to be our turn. But none of us are going to sit on the car roof, he laughs.