Also, in Formula 1, the coronacrisis hard. There are rumours that at least four of the F1 teams are in danger of disappearing. The FIRST attempt also, together with the Formula 1 and to do so in order to make sure that the sport remains attractive to manufacturers.

“I don’t think it’s for the manufacturers, it is the most important priority is to make sure that they are in the sport to stay active,” says Todt about’.

“I have recently read a report from the United Nations, and it is predicted that there will be about 25 million people in their job and will lose it. This is the main reason why I have any business in the projects, respect.”

“It would be next to me not to be dramatic, if a company has a few dozen people into a team is losing. It would be tragic if we, for example, four of the teams in Formula 1 to lose.”

According to the FIA’s solution was to have the Formula 1, then it also need to be careful with what they are doing, and should be in the Formula 1 constructors do not be scared, and to discourage and, if possible, a departure from the sport to rest.

“We need everyone to listen to, even with the “big boys”, there are no guarantees. We should all consider,” said Todt.

“We need to be humble, and we love the car, but it is not essential to the life of society. We have to show that we are making the right choices, that we make the right decisions.”

“I hope so, indeed, that some of the teameigenaren, and the sponsors are very motivated. This is the reason why we are not allowed to fail, else they might wonder if it is still a goal to be in F1, to be present, or they are still out there, and if it was necessary.”

“We need to make sure that they are still on the F1’s that their presence is still needed, and that it is our responsibility,” concluded the FIA boss.

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