“This is our last and decisive battle!” – the address of Vladimir Putin to the nation on the eve of the final day of a popular vote on the amendments to the Constitution these lines from the “international” applies exactly half. About any “last fight” this, of course, is not. The whole point of the redrawing of the Basic law is to provide GDP opportunities in the future, lead many different political struggles. But “decisive battle” is in the Apple. Appearing on the screens of the country on the background of a newly opened monument to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev Putin sent the society a clear signal: in order to win with a crushing score this is a political battle, he will spare no resources and give up the fight, even the last reserves.

Of all the numerous appeals to the nation in recent months, namely the short speech of Putin on 30 June 2020 is destined to cause the most intense emotions — as supporters and opponents of the GDP. With a probability of 100% opponents of the current head of state accused him of using the theme of the great Patriotic war in the short-term political interests. Ready to make another prediction: if we remove from the previous sentence, the word “momentary”, Vladimir Vladimirovich with this interpretation of the situation, completely agree. Putin has a peculiarity: in moments of high political tension, he sometimes knocks the gloss salon and manners of European politics and goes to the tactics of a frontal attack — rough, tough, but very honest. The fact that the opponents GDP certainly branded as “brute force and bad” in the eyes of Putin himself, no too much is not.

the President deliberately “particular link” between today and the events of 75 years ago: “They went into battle so we could live under the peaceful sky…We are their heirs continue this inseparable, a thousand-year bridge”. This “Putin the bridge” someone doesn’t like? As I have often written, the President is deeply interesting. Putin deliberately working to mobilize its own base of supporters. But if in the process of this mobilization he is “hurt the feelings” of those who never vote, neither the GDP nor for his proposed new edition of the Constitution, that is, from the point of view of Putin, not a minus, but a plus to his political strategy.

In the period of Medvedev’s presidency in our political circles were popular formulation: “the image of the desired tomorrow.” Directly in Putin’s current treatment of the treatment of this wording was not used, but it is quite clearly implied: “We vote not just for the amendment We are voting for the country where you want to live…We are voting for the country, for which work��eat and want to pass on to our children and grandchildren”. To some it may seem that everything quoted above is just a set of common words. They say Putin is campaigning “for everything good and against everything bad”. But in the next paragraph of the President’s speech referred to “the values that unite us”. And it puts everything in its place.

According to Putin, the revision of the Constitution is not just a repair of the legal framework of our political system. It is a struggle for a very specific Russian image of the desired tomorrow, tomorrow, which is built on “traditions” and ” our memory about the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors.” About opponents such desired Russian tomorrow directly in a presidential appeal again did not say a word. But whether it’s any need? Everyone who wanted to understand the meaning of Putin’s speech and his political line, had to do all the possibilities.

Personally, I remained unclear only one technical aspect of the situation. We are accustomed to the fact that even the most important events involving GDP certainly start late. But for the second televised address Putin, by contrast, is broadcast before the announced deadline. How do you explain that? I guess the fact that the struggle for public approval of a new version of the Constitution is not like every other campaign, which previously was attended by the current President of the Russian Federation. Due to a combination of a variety of reasons the authorities had and still no ability to everything exhaustively prepare in advance to make the scenario of the political battle and calmly for him to move. In the current battle, Vladimir Putin, everything is done with wheels. And it’s probably best characterizes the current Russian political situation.