Dmitry Anatolyevich Zhuravlyov, the Director of the Institute of regional problems:

“Everything is in normal mode. Voting stretched that people were no crowds. The process is organized in such a way to minimize the number of social contacts. Even the entrance and exit to the polling is carried out from different doors. Commission work quickly, again to avoid queues. Those with whom I spoke, any claims to the technology of voting does not arise.

In Moscow, the voting process has always been held at a very high level. So no doubt about the legitimacy of no. Sure there are observers made of different organizations. Video surveillance broadcast which in a day of nationwide voting in General will be able to see anyone. Therefore, from this point of view, Moscow has always been ahead of the rest. In the same way as with electronic voting.

I’m going to vote July 1, the official day for everything to be formal. But in fact there is no difference — to vote on 1 July or 30 June. It will also be legal and legitimate, because officially, the voting lasts 7 days. If we vote without violations, it is no worse than voting no violations one day. Another thing, normally you try to hold a vote one day, that there was less load on the infrastructure. But now the health of citizens is more important than infrastructure. So other citizens I urge to go number 1. Stretched because the vote is needed in order to increase the safety of the process. If all goes first — it will only get worse.

But the vote need to go anyway. Because, first, the amendments are very important — this is a new stage in the life of our country, and, secondly, in any case, even those who do not agree with the amendments to the Constitution, let them Express their disagreement. Because to disagree, and lying on the stove — it is in fact not a political position, and the lack thereof.”