the Soviet Union in the late eighties, condemned the secret part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, reminded Vladimir Putin. “Why today our colleagues to do the same – not to judge this division of Czechoslovakia?” he asked.

In the Soviet Union were well remembered and knew, what preceded the Second world war. “After all, the Soviet Union made a tremendous effort to create an anti-Hitler Pact. Nobody supported. Moreover, in 1938 the leading Western countries and the United Kingdom, and France met in Munich with Hitler, Mussolini and signed the document, which we always called Munich Pact. And gave at the mercy of Czechoslovakia,” recalled the historical fact the President.

“Like there was pleasant or unpleasant to someone, but this was a part of Poland then… More than that, directly colluded with Hitler, and personally, with him, agreeing that Poland will take part of Czechoslovakia – the Cieszyn region and another adjacent area, – said the head of state. Directly, Hitler’s right – we have the same documents, – says bluntly: “it was hard for Me to represent your interests in Munich, but it did.” This Poland responded with gratitude, Putin said. “Even on days painted. Hitler said, “Only don’t go to Czechoslovakia in one day with us the next day”… Well, this is a direct conspiracy,” said the Russian leader.

Major political figures of that time said that war was now inevitable. “And the war began. Where is the Soviet Union here? The Soviet Union was actually the last of the major powers that had signed with Germany non-aggression Pact. Before that, all signed. And what is the basis to accuse the Soviet Union in the preparation and outbreak of the Second world war?” – concluded Putin.