It is located in the heart of Central memorial to the victims of war and tyranny in the Neue Wache (“New guard”). A small building with a classical portico was built after the Napoleonic wars, for the guards of the Prussian king, the Russian Emperor Alexander the First came to watch the guard mounting. After the devastation of the Second world, this complex was refurbished and acquired a new meaning. On the background of the opening for the severe Doric columns Steinmeier gave a very heartfelt speech about the historical memory.

“our history is no redemption,” he said.

“there’s No end to memory. There’s no redemption in our history… the German story is a broken story, with the responsibility for the killing and suffering of millions. This is heartbreaking… This country we can only love with a broken heart”, – quotes the President of Germany’s Die Welt.

According to him, Germans “were long and painful path to the recognition of guilt”, it took decades, during which four generations went step by step to reconciliation with its own history, learning to “look her in the eyes.”

Steinmeier said that “the liberation in 1945 came from outside – otherwise it could not be, because Germany was in a deep abyss”.

“We Germans have to say today: liberation day is a day of gratitude”, – said Steinmeier.

He also urged his compatriots to resist hatred, racism, xenophobia – “the spirits of the old evil in a new guise”.

the Head of state reminded that this ceremony was to be held quite differently in the presence of distinguished guests representing the allied countries, and eyewitnesses who survived the war, and young people. The pandemic has brought about changes in these plans, but she can not afford to belittle the significance of the moment.

“let’s Use the silence. Take a pause”, earnestly said the President.