“In recent days, the health care system in the region works with a serious load”, – stated Vladimir Putin. Despite the efforts of doctors and nurses, an increasing number of severe complications and tragic outcomes, including among physicians. “People are talking about and that needed medical care is not always and everywhere possible to timely and in full volume”, – said the head of state. According to experts, the main reasons for the development of severe complications among residents of the region – late referral patients for help and self-treatment at home, he added.

the President urged to further investigate the fulfilment of the recommendations of the health officers for the different modes of self-isolation and limiting events and report on what needed Federal aid. “All the support: financial, material and human resources, Republic of will get,” he said.

the Head of state also noted the problems with lack of test-systems, laboratory capacity, instructing as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. “I would like to hear, as is the case with medical equipment, transport equipment individual protection equipment to teams of medical specialists, additional payments to medical staff,” continued Putin and asked to tell what additional solutions for protection of life and health intend to take in the Republic in proportion to the situation and level of risk – including the preservation and strengthening of the regimes of isolation and other preventive measures.