appeared In Hong Kong ice cream with the taste of tear gas, as a reminder about the street protests that lasted until the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus, and now, after the weakening of the isolation mode, can flash with new force.

to reach from eating ice cream effect similar to the effect of tear gas, 31-year-old inventor (who prefers not to disclose his name for fear of persecution from the authorities), tried a lot of different ingredients, such as Japanese horseradish, wasabi and mustard. However, the closest in taste was black pepper.

“We roast and grind black pepper, and pour it into Italian ice cream gelato, – explained the Creator of a new taste. – Is somewhat dire, but it gives the feeling of irritation in the throat, as it happens after tear gas.”

According to the reviews of those who tried the ice cream, “it tastes like tear gas, it becomes difficult to breathe, it’s sharp and irritating the throat, and just want to drink a lot of water.”

During the confrontation with protesters in Hong Kong to 2019 – early 2020, the police have spent about 16 thousand rounds of tear gas.