the State spends on direct aid to unemployed Russians is 43.5 billion rubles Will be increased minimum benefits, expanded the circle of recipients is the child support grant and supported by private entrepreneurs, who were forced to close down because of the coronavirus, announced Vladimir Putin. However, help will come only three months. Whereas, according to forecasts of the Ministry of labor, the largest scale unemployment will reach in the third quarter, a positive trend will start only in 2021.

the Situation on the labour market, while better than in some foreign countries, cheerfully reported labor Minister Anton Kotkov. In Russia, according to Rosstat, the unemployment rate is 5.8%. Over the last month, this indicator increased by 20%, while in the US three times to 14.7% in Canada and 1.5% to 13%. From 1 April, according to official figures, jobs lost just over 2 million people, and at the same time was able to find a job 1, 6 million the Difference amounted to 338 thousand people – it seems to be a bit. But there are nuances. So, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk region, ie in the most economically active regions, due to the complete lockdown of the number of dropouts is much higher than the number of those who could find work. The greatest number of officially registered unemployed is now observed again in the capital and in the Moscow region and in Krasnodar Krai. However, if we consider the share of the economically active population, then the leader will come Tuva, Chechnya and Ingushetia, where it is not working 9-11% able-bodied citizens. However, this situation is chronic, and coronavirus for had no influence.

Speaking about the situation on the market, Kotkov proposed to extend

measures taken by the state support. In particular, to increase the minimum unemployment from 1.5 to 4.5 thousand rubles, to establish an allowance of one minimum wage to have lost his case of individual entrepreneurs, to extend payments to those who due to coronavirus was not able to find a job in due time and also give the payment to child in the amount of 3 thousand rubles to all unemployed and not only those who remained on the sidelines since March 1. The minimum benefit, specified Kotkov now getting most of the unemployed – 45%. It is the citizens who have worked but have not been arranged formally, usually recent graduates of universities and others without experience and experience. All the innovations the Ministry of labor proposes to introduce only three months. Then the allowance will fall back to 1.5 thousand rubles, and support payments will cease.

Vladimir Putin asked the Finance Minister whether there are funds for the financial support made suggestions. Anton Siluanov assured that there is. 9.5 billion rubles will cost renewal payments and an increase in the minimum benefit amount. At 17 billion rubles will cost under three monthssupport entrepreneurs in the amount of the minimum wage. Child benefits, according to calculations of the Ministry of labour will receive an additional 510 thousand people, raising 840 thousand children. Thus, for these purposes will require 7.5 billion rubles., Putin said that the minimum benefit will be increased retroactively from may 1, 2020, and such amount will be paid until 1 August.

Anton Kotkov gently hinted that after three months the situation on the labour market are unlikely to significantly improve. The peak in the number of unemployed, it is estimated, will be in the third quarter. Stabilization is possible only in the fourth quarter, a positive trend in the first and second quarter of 2021. Since all calculations on payments and allowances made, based on current statistics, how to help the newly unemployed, not yet clear. “To help the citizens who were at risk of dismissal, we propose to organize a public work or temporary employment in the regions where the epidemiological situation allows,” said Katkov, without specifying, however, how this will work in practice.

Vladimir Putin, the forecasts of the Minister categorically do not like.

Obviously, he was hoping that the crisis on the labour market will be overcome faster. “Why do you say rush in the third quarter?”, – asked the President. Main percentage of new unemployed falls in the construction and hospitality sector. But the construction, Putin said, already working. As hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums hard preparing for the opening of the holiday season, which should also have a favourable impact on employment. Katkov explained that the labor market is inert, and most clearly react to the lockdown after about two months.

it would be Possible to explain even easier: many companies have a crisis simply will not survive and will not be able to open even after the abolition of all restrictions.

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