Vladimir Putin asked the interlocutor, as in General “in difficult conditions of fighting infection” react partners of the Fund. “They see that Russia has adopted very strong measures, and we managed to avoid what was in many other countries, – said Dmitriev. They see that the Russian market is in very good condition, extremely positive about the economic recovery plan and is ready to continue to invest in Russia”.

“They see that Russia is the partnership and are discussing joint production of medicines and vaccine (from coronavirus – approx. “RG”), and this distinguishes Russia from many other countries that try to isolate themselves”, – said the head of RDIF.

“And the economy’s ability to maintain in working condition, very good quality level”, – said the President. “Yes, of course, our debt is much lower than other countries, and inflation the indicators are very good,” agreed Dmitriev.

“Not only the debt, but the inflation is kept within the parameters that we stated before,” – stated Putin. “The unemployment rate grew, but not as dramatic as in some other countries – compared to the President. – So all this gives grounds to our partners to continue working with the RDIF”. Dmitriev has noticed that there is every reason to believe that this year, the Fund will invest much more money than in the past, and this is the actual rate of success of Russian economic programs.