Terrible discovery he took into the woods.

the Appearance of snakes in the Indian village houses are not uncommon, but the farmer from the village of Paul Hurd named Shradhanand especially “lucky”.

In early June, a man found on the floor of his bedroom a small snake. Shradhanand is not surprised, he caught it and took it into the woods. But when he came back, the beds found three snakes, writes UPI.

“Sir, relax. The snakes look harmless.” Man finds 40 baby snakes living inside home air conditioner.

These reptiles, he also caught and returned to nature, but the evening of the same day met in the house of the new snake. Deciding to deal him in an indoor home come uninvited guests, Shradhanand began to explore all the cracks. But then I guess that snakes can get to it through the vent of the air conditioner located on the roof.

With the help of neighbors, Shradhanand removed dangerous find (over 40 individuals) and took them into the woods.

As told by local vet, Dr. Vatsal, most likely, the snake laid eggs in the air conditioner a few months ago when they are not used. And now the working device was not the best habitat, and they began to come out.

Catherine Gura

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