the Presidents of Russia and Uzbekistan held a meeting in the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin thanked his counterpart Shavkat Mirziyoyev for the fact that on Wednesday on red square for the first time will be 85 Uzbek soldiers. “This is a very visible sign of our partnership,” he said.

Mirziyoev invited Putin to Victory Park in Tashkent. Documents that are placed there in memorial received from the Russian military archives.

during the war went to the front of two million residents of the Uzbek SSR, of which half a million died and another 130 thousand missing. The Republic attracted two million evacuees from all over the Soviet Union, got transferred many industrial enterprises from the European part of the country. “It’s our common history, achievements, our common victory,” – said Putin.

Now the two States unique strategic and allied relations, said the Russian leader. Moreover, they develop not only in the economic sphere, but also between special services in combating terrorism, and the military, he listed. And his Uzbek counterpart and said military-technical cooperation.

in addition, Mirziyoev wished a successful vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. “All it says, had for a long time to do,” he said.

In turn, Putin invited a guest for dinner so I can talk to about anything. “You said that we are actively developing cultural ties, I want to note that we are developing well and culinary connections,” he said.