Seriously expanded to include a package of measures to support citizens and the economy as a whole. We can say that to date this program of anti-crisis support, which is accepted in Russia, looks not only one of the largest in the world, she looks like one of the most systematic and strategically built. That is, solve not only tasks of the current moment, when in a difficult situation it is necessary to support certain sectors of the economy, the family, to maintain and increase the level of employment, but also formulates new strategic goals and directions of development of the economy and the country as a whole to the new reality in which we all were after a few months of global epidemiological crisis.

for Example, a digital leap, which in fact, we had to make and that will keep happening. Previously it could take us years, but now it took months. So, it requires and is appropriate for the transition of new accents in economic policy, the additional bet at IT on the digital sector, digital economy development. Now taking the necessary strategic decisions are made very quickly, ahead of global competitors.

at the same time the main theme of the President’s speech is the realization and development on a new level, principles of responsible welfare state, of state social justice and solidarity, acting appropriately in practice and systematically. And the only way to be strong and competitive in this new world situation, where to rely on and rely, as to say the President can only on themselves, on Russian society, on unity, on shared values and principles of development. Of course, here again very important and those specific support measures that have been adopted, but not less important is the fact that the President declared and further the policy of increasing the share of budget expenditures on education, health, social policy in General – those areas that are traditionally the most important for citizens. And besides, as life has shown, that the development of the social sectors, primarily health systems, is critical to get out of such situations as the present, with minimal losses and to ensure national security in the modern world.

the same applies to raising the personal income tax rate on high incomes. This measure is not just tax, it is also, in essence, valuable because it is the target of taxation. It is about fostering mechanisms of social solidarity in the solution of important and noble tasks as assistance to families in difficult situations, where children suffering from serious diseases.

I think it is no coincidence that the President’s handwriting��ul: the main thing that follows from the current situation created by the new constitutional provisions, in the event of their approval by popular vote is a fundamentally new and higher requirements for the efficiency of the state, to the maintenance of social and economic policy, new requirements for the development of the country and improve the people’s quality of life. In many respects, the quality of state, quality control is very much dependent on how the country will cope with the epidemic of the coronavirus, minimized the consequences of the loss. Here much has been done. And here, for example, it is very important that the Constitution not only proposed to make the guarantee of access to health care, but also laid additional mechanisms of interaction of all levels of government – from Federal to municipal – to improve the efficiency of the single health system.

just now, the quality and state authority largely depends on how we can move forward with a view to further recovery, and most importantly long-term development of the country in the new conditions.

here, the current treatment of Vladimir Putin and those measures which they proposed, their scale, consistency and strategic orientation is, in fact, is precisely the standard the new high efficiency requirements of the state and equipment of socio-economic policy. The standard for responsible and active welfare state, which the President now asks. In the years and decades to come.