Not restrictive methods to work on the problem of reducing the number of abortions in Russia, you need to think about sexual education and solving social problems of motherhood and childhood, said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children by Oksana Poushkina.

Earlier, the Commissioner for rights of the child in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova in the annual report stated that the system of protection of children’s right to life and against violence needs additional legislative measures. She called the restriction of the sale in pharmacies of drugs for abortion, and changing the system of financing of medical institutions, in which the amount of funds allocated inversely proportional to the number of abortions.

"the Proposal of Ombudsman for children Anna Kuznetsova to reduce the number of abortions, restricting the sale of appropriate drugs and reducing financing to hospitals, depending on the number of abortions is a classic example of how officials are trying to solve the problem of ill-conceived and dangerous prohibitions, not realizing the fact, no causes of problems", – wrote Pushkin in his Telegram channel.

She noted that to think about to reduce the number of abortions in Russia is definitely necessary, but not forbidden.

"sex education in Russia is not – and opponents of abortion are opposed to its introduction, despite the fact that scientists have directly linked the introduction of sex education with reducing the number of abortions, especially among teenagers. Modern family planning methods are not moving the public health system. Contraceptives are not included in the mandatory medical insurance system – but it includes abortion, which is, in fact, a popular means of contraception for thousands of Russian women", – said the Deputy.

In her opinion, ought to think again about why women go to abortion. Not yet solved the acute social problems of motherhood and childhood, any prohibitions and restrictions on abortion will produce the trouble, she said.

"This is not because they have some particularly frivolous and immoral, as trying to impose some public figures. We have a huge number of single mothers, for whom the birth of another child will lead a miserable existence, a huge amount of debts for alimony. The birth of a child remains we have a major risk of falling back into poverty. Here’s what you need to fight! An artificially created shortage of medicines and the pressure on doctors hardly solve the problem. We again get a makeshift abortions, deaths of infants and of mothers, newborns left on the street", – wrote Pushkin.