Malaysian airline AirAsia introduced a new form for employees, designed specifically for use during a pandemic coronavirus. The corresponding photos were published to Instagram, they drew the attention of Fox News.

posted online photos show the crew in red overalls with long sleeves and a logo of the carrier. The flight attendants also wear protective masks, hoods and gloves. It is known that clothing made of “breathable, but durable” material.

According to the information portal, uniform has already been tested to export the flight from Thailand to the Philippines. However, at present, it is unknown whether suits are compulsory for the staff on all flights of the airline.

the Creator of the design “anticolonialism” suits for flight attendants became the Philippine fashion PUA Quinones (Puey Quinones). The project was approved by the Ministry of health of the Philippines.

on April 24 it was reported that in the sphere of passenger traffic after the decline of the pandemic coronavirus projected large-scale changes. First and foremost, future innovations will affect the process of check-in at the airport — according to experts, it can become completely hands-free through devices that scan the unique codes of reading or voice command.