the story about the “conspiracy trump with Russia,” runs with the 2016 election in the United States. After completion of investigation Mueller, this topic seemed closed, but a few months before the elections in 2020 in the United States saw the light of the “sensational” material. In the New York Times article claims that Russia allegedly provoking in Afghanistan militants in the murder of American soldiers, but Donald trump knew about this but did nothing.

the US President denies all charges and calls this publication a provocation. Who is behind sensational information as it may answer the trump and than it threatens Russia, we said the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasiliev.

“a Serious blow to the administration of the President of the United States”

“this is Potentially a very serious blow to the administration of the President of the United States, and in many respects is a blow personally to Trump. Significantly, the moment was chosen for the publication of this information.

It coincided with the publication of the book of Bolton. This book can be interpreted in different ways, but one of the main interpretations of the following: trump has shown weakness in dealing with Russia’s President, Putin and his completely outplayed.

the administration of the real trump is accused of being a us intelligence report has not led to any consequences. In fact, the President got acquainted with him and was shelved. Most likely, such a report really was, and the fact that trump did not react to it, speaks volumes.

it Seems that the arguments that led us intelligence, indeed, seemed to Trump unconvincing. Most likely, the report described some suspicions, but nothing specific was said. And trump has decided not to respond to the report.

“Rebellion “deep state”

This information leakage follows the line of the revolt of the American “deep state” (Deep state in the USA supporters of Donald trump have used this term for the shadow of a “state within a state”, intelligence officers and Executive authorities and officials who determine policy through leaks to the media or other internal funds “MK”). You have to understand that the “deep state” will not go away. In particular, there is to intelligence.

it is obvious that trump wanted to purge in this Department. They even said that it can be shared with the FBI. In short, trump would like to seriously address what is happening in these structures.

In this situation, the us intelligence and retaliated. Representatives of this organization and “leaked” information to journalists “New York Times”. And this situation is very similar to the repetition of the scenario of impeachment, he’s also appeared as report ��of sodomites CIA and then turned around as a serious political process.

Therefore, we can say that the plot of the new scandal is very similar to the one which began the process of the ouster of President trump. Moreover, a response to the article “New York Times” was simply amazing. Some believe that this information, which is not enough of a fee Muller to prove the fact of conspiracy is trump with Russia.”

“Not to give the Trump to turn the tide”

“At the end of June, the approval rating of trump is at the lowest level for all time of its stay in power. And the blow was struck so as to further his rating continued to fall. Right now even trump admits that at this stage he was clearly losing the presidential race, but he hopes to turn the tide. The current scandal are intended to prevent the President to do it.

in addition, another goal of this “drain” is to paralyze the administration of trump. This publication once again underlines that the President has “moles” to undermine his confidence in his own team. And this is not the last blow that moles can cause to Trump. In America, traditionally prepared “surprises” for the elections, and in autumn you can expect new revelations”

“How to behave in the top of the Senate – not known”

“it is Very important to what extent the Congress, including a number of proponents of trump on Capitol hill are stepping up their efforts to push the bill recognizing Russia as a sponsor of international terrorism. This can lead to important political consequences.

Republicans will be tough election to the Senate. Of the 17 “swing” Senate seats 12 are in the hands of the Republicans. So Republican leaders can decide what priority it is important to keep control of the Senate.

If this line prevails, the senators will begin to move away from trump. Traditionally in America it is believed that the President of the locomotive, and he pulls the party members. However, in some cases, party leaders tend not to associate themselves with the President. As today will the top of the Senate – is not known.

Republicans can begin to save themselves, leaving President. And this is another potential blow to the Trump. If the Republicans will push a resolution to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, it will mean that the Republican party has decided to distance himself from the President.

a growing number of senators to distance themselves from trump. And as soon as they start to move away from the President, and his support within the party will fall”.

“Two mechanisms to turn the tide gonkey”

“trump has two mechanisms to reverse the course of the race to be President. The first is the economy. The economy is the root of all protests and mass demonstrations. If by fall there is a trend of the recovery of the economy, and trump will correct its position. This is a typical “win on the trend.” So a win for President Obama in 2012.

the Second very important factor is Joe Biden. Autumn held a debate trump and Biden, and if the current President will be able to show Biden is incapacitated and even improper, that he can win no matter what.

the mistakes of his opponent trump can make a bet, and this bet could easily play. During the isolation already faulty Biden lost form and it is not clear whether he will be able to come to the autumn debate in good condition.”