Novgorod legislators in the Duma introduced a bill which proposes to allow the use of maternity capital for the purchase of gadgets and laptops to students to study remotely if the epidemic is to fall over. But the state Duma the initiative is “ambiguous”.

the Right to the parent capital since the New year and those who had their first child (466 617 rubles), and those who have a second child (616 617 rubles). Now defined by law, the use of the money are few, remind the deputies of the Novgorod regional Duma in the explanatory note to the bill.

Received a certificate from the mother or father has the right completely or partially to use this money for the improvement of housing (payment of interest on the mortgage in particular), the education of the child, formation of accumulative labor pension to the mother, the purchase of goods and services intended for social adaptation and integration into society of children with disabilities.

in 2018 families with low income (less than 2 regional subsistence level of an adult on one family member) can apply and receive funds from the matkapital on a monthly basis at an amount equal to the regional minimum subsistence level of the child. And most recently, in March 2020, permitted the money to pay for the construction or reconstruction of the house in the garden area and the land allocated for individual housing construction.

the Novgorod deputies claim that when “in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection” all Russian schools were transferred to distance education, many families, especially large families, are faced with greater problems, namely a lack in the required amount of computer equipment. About the lack of good quality in the explanatory note is not mentioned, although the text of the bill implies that we are talking about it.

the paragraph the list of possible ways of use of matkapital on education, it is proposed to add a clarification: we can talk about “paying for goods and services intended for the implementation of educational programs using e-learning, distance educational technologies”. Additional expenditures of the Federal budget for these purposes is not required – because the money for the camera and stand out, says the feasibility study.

there are real problems with the security of the families of gadgets and computers, revealed during the action mode of self-isolation, in the state Duma recognize. But Novgorod lawmakers proposed a way to solve the unconditional support just do not get it.

a Member of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Vtorygina (“ER”) in conversation with “MK” n��remembered that the prisoner “is always a lot of different offers, for example, to use the funds to buy cars, and now they are in a Committee is more”. But she personally believes it’s wrong matkapital “small things to waste, so that nothing will remain.” It would be better to solve the problem differently, says MP: “maybe what target the program to come up with even regional”.

But deputies of the Novgorod region by Russian standards, is rather poor, therefore came up with a scheme that does not involve the use of means of regional budgets, because these funds do not have! Ms. Vtorygina says that you still need to look for some other way, leaving the use of means of matkapital only on large, strategic for the family. “We need to find another opportunity to help, and not help all parents, and large families, maybe, or lone mothers, if their financial situation difficult,” she said.

“the Attitude I have to the bill of the Novgorod regional Duma ambiguous,” admitted “MK” and the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin (CPRF). He recalled that in late may, a group of Communist deputies in the Duma introduced a bill “under which distance learning must be solely on a voluntary basis in school, and if the state is still in the special conditions it imposes, we must provide children and teachers the necessary tehsredstvami and broadband Internet.”

as for the idea to send for this purpose part of the money shot, the “on the one hand, it is wrong to limit the use of the parent capital, and on the other I am very afraid that if the bill is passed, the state will simply refuse to help and say that parents are obliged to use the matkapital”.

Mr. Smolin believes that in a situation where the “75 of the 85 regions – debtors, and it is much harder to find funds for distance education than the Federal government” to help families with moderate incomes with the purchase of computer equipment should it, the Federal government. Moreover, the MP recalled, was “the President’s statement that Federal funds for education need to increase significantly”.

the View of the government, we find, when the Duma will have the official opinion.