On amendments to the Constitution vote, not only in Russia but also in the self-proclaimed republics DNR and LC, with enough holders of Russian passports.

“We sent a messenger with the money and photocopies of Russia, for 12 people – the route he had chosen back in Awilo-Uspenka, there’s sort of close to the lift, 400 meters from the polling station! And you can shop to slip” – cheerful says “MK” Tatiana from Donetsk, the winner of the citizenship of Russia of 2019.

Yes, in Donetsk and Luhansk to vote a lot of people buying tickets. Trip one day in Russia is 150 rubles. Organize this “transfer” of the Ministry of transport of the DNI and LC, which are already posted on their websites detailed instructions and routes.

the Standard bus starts from Donetsk to the recently reconstructed as part of Russia’s southern bus terminal from 6 am to 9 am, drives to pick up people in a couple towns such Makeyevka and Khartsyzsk and leave the border on one of the two border crossings in Russia – in the area of Uspenka, or Marinating.

the Trip to the voting for the amendments in these poor areas is the opportunity to go to Russia, to unwind, to get an unplanned day off, to visit the border in this store of “duty-free”. However, the most speak about “civic duty” – this is a great company to local owners of Russian passports to sign another “final” step towards integration with Russia.

Donetsk vote in three villages in the Rostov region near the border – in the intercession, Awilo-Uspenka and Kuibyshev. These villages are located at a distance of from 107 to 134 kilometers from Donetsk. Those who want a real trip, you can ride in the legendary, by local standards, Taganrog, birthplace of Anton Chekhov and a place in the “Free Italy” was recruited by Giuseppe Garibaldi. In Taganrog is still possible with one eye to see the sea. The DNR access to the sea, and that is not all, open only from 1 July.

two local Azov sea resort village Sedov and Nameless – through the line of posts will start flowing only holders of vouchers to local motels for passes issued to each guest administrators of these the places.

As you go to vote from the standpoint of the local military, there is not particularly spread. But strong guys with bearing and optional paper medical masks in buses, of course, allocated.

Others build graphs out at work with the boss, slipping in a small company and go. The southern bus terminal of Donetsk a day, starting from 25 June, leaving four flights in each of three villages and one in Taganrog, Horlivka travel four flights to Pokrovskoye and Kuybyshevo, two sends Yasinovataya, their buses with the voting citizens of Russia in Taganrog depart daily from Yenakievo, Shakhtersk, Snow and Novoazovsk.

In a comfortable bus usually about fifty places – all 110 thousand citizens of Russia from the DNR still carry for 7 days does not work. But the buses go full. And meet them not at improvised polling stations. “In Kuibyshev it was very smart music, a lot of volunteers, all of these precautions, and the town is good,” says returned from there donchanka Nataliya. The trip took almost 11 hours – the bus and opened the border for private transport waiting at border crossings sometimes delayed.

Kuybyshevo is a large village, but a district centre, with its refurbished Soviet Palace of Culture, with a freshly painted emblem of the USSR on top. When voting people scrubbed up in a queue at the entrance give additional to the existing mask and stick in memory.

All queues – compliance with social distance. If you do not pay attention to the quarantine precautions, for pictures of the usual Soviet elections lacking only the buffets, but in a compact village centre has a couple of stores of the largest Russian networks.

the LC carries their vote in the city of Novoshakhtinsk, Donetsk, Red Sulima and Gukovo. Carry on bus stations at a price of from 350 to 450 rubles only from Lugansk per day in the city leaves 20 flights.

This is one of the phenomena of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass DNI LNR much more, and citizens of Russia in the Luhansk part to tens of thousands more than the “Donetsk”. Say, organize better…