Owned by X5 Retail Group 5Post postal service began testing a network of dispensing machines and online orders from online supermarket “Crossroads.” While there are more than 30 devices, the decision on expansion will be taken at the end of the experiment. Points can be most in demand in the residential complexes and business centers, experts say.A subsidiary of company X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok”, “Karusel”) set 5Post 31 cash orders from the online supermarket About this “Kommersant” said the representative of the X5. While the objects are placed in the Moscow shops “Pyaterochka” and “Crossroads.” The final decision on the project development will be taken at the end of the test period, explained managing Director Leonid Goldbergian.In machines of the cell is provided with two temperature regimes, including chilled products. To place an order with pickup from the store will be available only through the website, the minimum cost is 500 RUB. In the future, the order can be done via the online app store.As reported by X5 in may revenue increased by 41% to 1.7 billion rubles. the Total sales of the online platforms of the company subject to the Express delivery of “Pyaterochka” and “Crossroads” during the same period increased by 40% to 2.37 billion RUB. for the month was attended by over 350 thousand orders, with the average purchase of 4.8 thousand. the Installation of machines looks like the option to expand partnerships with other FMCG companies from the sphere of Internet trade, says General Director of “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. Consultant JosDeVries The Retail Company Irina Bolotova believes that the device can be most popular not in the shops, and new residential complexes, business centers, etc. Format in major cities in General are much in demand, but a wide network in the market while none of the players have deployed due to the high cost of the equipment, adds Mr. Burmistrov.Its own network of vending machines for dispensing products develops and competitor online-hypermarket “Utkonos”. Year ago the device tested and “Azbuka Vkusa” in several of its supermarkets, however, the format proved unpopular among consumers, and the development of the project refused, explain in the company. “Technology of the self we are currently working through the stores without machines, the option of click & collect is currently available for the purchase of alcohol for products that are to be launched,”— said the representative of “Azbuka Vkusa”.5Post developing a network of machines located primarily in a “roundabout”. At the end of the year, a subsidiary of company X5 Retail Group has started to deliver the orders for AliExpress, this spring on cooperation with her network announced “Chitay-Gorod” and “M. Video”. According to its own data, 5Post processed in February to 1.3 million orders.Nikita Shurenkov mid-spring owned by the Architeframes of Mikhail Gutseriev, the group “M. Video—Eldorado” has agreed to supply its products in more than 2 thousand points is a member of the X5 Retail Group of the network “Pyaterochka”.Read more