France coped with the epidemic of the coronavirus and must now “turn the page of the crisis.” This was stated by the President Emmanuel macron in an address to the nation. The main task will be economic revival of France, the preservation of order and social harmony. While the details of the recovery programme, the head of state is going to tell in July. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.Sunday President Emmanuel Macron waited all week, wondering what he has to say, and what measures will be offered. The options mentioned most unexpected: a change of government with the Prime Minister at the head, the dissolution of Parliament or even declaring “I’m tired, I’m leaving.” The reality was less dramatic — the main news was reserved for July. His speech held on the background of the Sunny lawn of the Elysee Palace outside the window. By morning the experts brought the picture in proper form, and now the Internet records everything looks perfect.In his speech, the President began with the good news, announcing that in the green zone becomes the whole of France, except for two overseas territories of Mayotte and Guiana. Begin all the restaurants, cafes, bars, on 22 June, all the school students will go to classes, and “mandatory”, the President said. And on 28 June the French will be able to go to municipal elections — the second round will take place everywhere where the first, the March tour did not reveal the winner.Monday, June 15, opened within the national borders of Europe, and from July 1, renews the message with the countries outside the Schengen area, where “the epidemic is stopped.” What is this country, the President said. In the first list of candidates released by the European Commission, yet appear mainly in the Balkans. In addition, the opening of borders are allowed only on reciprocal basis. So, between Russia and France that will not happen as long as Russia will not announce the end of the epidemic (and in the EU will believe it) and will deny you entry into the country for Europeans.The main task, according to the President of Macron, will be economic revival of the country. In his speech, he went back to the days when the French were sent home, “making the “humane choice, putting public health above economy”, against the advice of some of his Ministers. “Tens of thousands of lives were saved,”— said the President. He listed the benefits and support of businesses and citizens that were enacted during the quarantine and recalled that the state had on €500 billion. He believes that France is a European leader in the tax burden, and the administration and the government at the outset of his presidential term trying this weight to be lifted from the shoulders of citizens. The deficit will have to be covered by the stand��the productivity of labor.Like here the French should breathe a sigh of relief, but they are alert. Just wondered if the President’s words that rang out in the country calls leftist politicians to increase the tax burden on the rich companies and their owners the President rejected, and instead all expect a deterioration of working conditions and, perhaps, revision of the number of working hours per week (actually in France located on a more gentle level than 35 hours)?Areas of development mentioned by Emmanuel Macron,— ecology, energy-saving technologies. The President proposes to invest in the independence of the technological, computer, industrial and agricultural. There was a call for strong and “sovereign” economy and the need to restore independence from foreign supply (that is, primarily from China).The organizers of the crowded demonstrations against racism and police violence demanded a response from the President. President Makron promised that “a new and strong decisions will be made to equalize the chances of” all citizens of France regardless of “in their name, address, and color.” He called “be relentless against racism, anti-Semitism (echoing, perhaps, the “dirty Jews” who were cursed on the eve of the participants of the anti-racist demonstration in Republic square.— “B”) and discrimination.” Recalling the equal rights of citizens, the President warned against the risk of becoming a “noble struggle” to “communitarianism”. “This fight is invalid, when it is assigned to the separatists,” said Emmanuel macron. And stressed: “the Republic will not erase any single feature, no name in its history. She will not forget any of his Affairs, she doesn’t topple any statues.”Another response to the protesters was given in the form of support that the President expressed to law enforcement. Police and gendarmes “are exposed to daily risks, so they deserve the support of political forces and recognition of the nation,” the President said. Responding to the slogan of the streets “no justice no peace”, Emmanuel macron said: “Without the national order, there is neither security nor freedom.”Keynote speech of the President moved to July. Apparently, then the French have to hear about the changes in the state aware and part of those officials who will be entrusted to spend it. Meanwhile, Emmanuel macron has congratulated fellow citizens with the fact that they can “see each other, to attain, even partially, the art de vivre (the art of living.— “B”), a taste of freedom, to regain France.”