One of the most notorious of the capital’s Premier 1971 — “hamlet” at the Taganka Theater. The artists, who had their own armies of fans, original decorations and an unexpected modern costumes, but the main component of the formula for success was direction: Yuri Lyubimov was able to take a fresh look at one of the most famous plays in the theatre’s history.

In 1969, the troupe of the Taganka Theater began to rehearse something of historical Chronicles of Shakespeare. Yuri Lyubimov, who headed the Moscow theatre of drama and Comedy in 1964 and gave him a new life under the name of the Theatre, started to work with his usual tenacity and zealous attitude. The work took two years, but the premiere did not happen: the officials wanted to see in the repertory, not Chronicles, and the canonical play. Lyubimov chose “hamlet”.

Premiered on 29 November 1971. The performance began unusually. First, even before the audience in the hall appeared the starring Vladimir Vysotsky. He sat quietly at the wall, something thought, stroking the guitar, watching those who comes into the room. It was not immediately noticed — as one could tell from afar, in the shadows, that man dressed in simple jeans and black sweater, is the Prince of Denmark? But when he came out with a guitar on stage and recitative uttered the ringing of the strings, the poetry of Boris Pasternak (“the Roar subsided. I went on stage…”), anybody did not doubt.

the Show began with the fact that the scene appeared live rooster. He jumped from the window of the left portal, crowed and flapped, at the same time following the text of the play, in which the cry of a cock chases the Ghost of hamlet’s father, and setting the play tone square setting — a true Shakespearean spirit.

In the foreground from the very beginning of the play, were dug grave of this earth were hewn boards of the coffin of Ophelia, lying sham of a skull — a reminder of past events and portents of the future. The strongest moments were connected with them: when Vysotsky: hamlet took the land in hand and spoke with her like with his father, and Ophelia nonchalantly sat down on the coffin, as on the bench, the audience froze.

Those who saw Lyubimov “hamlet,” recalls the curtain, invented by the legendary set designer David Borovsky — frequent co-author Lyubimov. Together they have worked on productions of “the dawns here are quiet”, “Master and Margarita”, “Crime and punishment” and many others.

the curtain to the “hamlet” was another full participant in the actions of critics in reviews even wrote the word “curtain” with a capital letter. Chaotically moving — quickly, slowly, along and across the scene, like not paying attention to the actors, almost knocking them down, the curtain symbolized the rock.

To create a curtain made hand fans artists. The theatre offered: will help splist�� curtain — invite to the show for free, and volunteers do not have to wait long. Fishing net nylon pervaded with woolen threads, forming a random pattern. Scarce at that time, the wool helped get the President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Alexei Kosygin. Material was even more than was required. Leftovers also went into business — they made the costumes.

Borowski came up with dressing the actors not in the lush clothes and in the most normal wool jerseys. The only jewelry that was given to royalty in Gertrude — the chain on her neck. Yuri Lyubimov was sure this approach would have liked Shakespeare. Woolen sweaters have been a challenge for the artists — it was hard to stay long in this garb filled the stuffy room. Alla Demidova recalled:

I had only one candidate for the main role of Vysotsky. They didn’t always see eye characters, but acknowledged the talent of each other, and also have many times worked together. For the first time it happened, when the actor played a pilot Yang Suna in the play “the Good person of Szechwan”.

Lyubimova discouraged: what Prince can come out of the bard with a hoarse voice? But about other candidates the Director and didn’t want to hear, they say, his charisma will pay for all ordinary people to believe that this hamlet — it is similar to them.

Vysotsky Himself said that he was trying to play a modern man, who is an incredibly hard way. He called this work an honor, the highest performance for any artist. Lyubimov wanted to see hamlet thinking not about whether to kill or not to kill, and how difficult it is to live, if you’re on your own, alone. This hamlet had no doubt.

the Role has become one of the highlights in the career of the Beatles — he was even buried in stage costume of a Prince. He played hamlet for nine years, and after the actor’s death in 1980 Lubimov closed the show.

“the Good person of Szechwan”. Remember the performance, which began with the Taganka Theatre

the role of the villain Claudius, the Danish king, shared by two actors, a star of the Taganka Veniamin Smekhov, who had no chance to obtain fame in the movie, and Alexander Porokhovshchikov, on account of which were small roles in the films “Crash”, “burn, burn, my star” and plays mostly in the Theater of satire. In the statement it was busy and the actors who only began the way to big fame, among them — Ivan Bortnik, Leonid Filatov, Ivan DYKHOVICHNY.

Alla Demidova (Gertrude, Queen of Denmark) by that time was already well known abroad, thanks to the lead role in the film “star Day” (1966) based on an autobiographical novel by poetess Olga Bergholz. At the Venice film festival Director Igor Talankin received the “Golden medal of participation”, the work of the actress was highly acclaimed. And Natalia Saiko, who played Ophelia, th��om previously won the prize for best actress at the festival in Prague — thanks to roles in “My street” Leonid Maryagin.

Yuri Petrovich in the rehearsals did not spare anyone. With the advent of theatre in 1964, he, as chief Director forced the actors to learn the game grotesque, farce, farce, circus, pantomime. The latter is particularly useful in the mousetrap scene when the main character is persuaded itinerant artists to play a show on what is happening in the Danish Kingdom, to see the reaction of Claudius. Lyubimov knew that pantomime is needed, he loved her very much.

“hamlet”, created Lyubimov, has thundered all over the country. Tour in France, Serbia, Poland, showed that he like and foreign to the audience. The work on performance didn’t stop all the years of its existence. For example, during the show in Warsaw heavy curtain suddenly caught the coffin on which sat a Alla Demidova. He moved, and the actress happened to be face to face with a Ghost — this story was not to be. Came to the aid of Vysotsky, the pad managed to beat, and the room are then invited her to leave.

“the Tragic story of hamlet, Prince of Denmark” is one of the most famous plays in world drama, and the longest play by Shakespeare. He took the legend of a hero named Amletus, written in the VII century Danish chronicler of the Saxon. The playwright was done with her, focusing on spiritual quest, not a bloody fight.

During the life of Shakespeare, the play received three editions, notably differing in the presence of monologues. Only some time later, shekspiroved made up of one single text. In Russian language “hamlet” was translated several times, one of the most famous of the translation belongs to Boris Pasternak.

the First role of hamlet was played by Richard Burbage, Shakespeare’s friend. In the days of the bard all the roles in theatre were played by men, the situation began to change only in the second half of the XVII century. Later, women began to take over the male role is one of the brightest in the history of performances of the play, the Danish Prince was played by Sarah Bernhardt in 1899.

In the Hamlet was recognized as Vasily Kachalov Moscow art theatre (), Yevgeny Samoilov (the Mayakovsky Theater), Bruno Freindlich (Alexandrinsky theatre), and Innokenty Smoktunovsky, who played the hero in the film, Grigori Kozintsev in 1964. In a number of them stood up and Vladimir Vysotsky — in jeans and a black sweater.