Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

Shortly before the birth of a long awaited daughter in the family of 35-year-old Katy Perry and 43-year-old Orlando bloom has occurred a sad event — they have lost a beloved pet, a red toy poodle named mighty. The dog had been missing since July 14 in Montecito district, near the house of the pair in Santa Barbara.

frustrated of what happened Yesterday Katie and Orlando swept the area in search of any leads. They talked to passers-by and stopped proezzhaya motorists to see if they had seen the missing dog. In one of those moments the couple got into the lenses of reporters — in the picture they asked the driver of the car at least some information about their favorite pet.

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

Yesterday, Orlando also gave a cry in your instagram. He published a photo of a dog and asked anyone who has any useful information to help them in the search.

mighty was gone! It happened in the area of Montecito. The dog is microchipped and his collar listed our phone number. If you take him to a local vet, to the shelter or police station, it can return me in exchange for a reward. Please send only the real information. My heart was too broken not to aggravate the situation with their offensive comments,— posted by Orlando, without specifying under what circumstances disappeared Montecito.

While the search yielded no results, which is insanely upsetting Orlando. He made mighty in 2017, almost at the same time, Katie took a similar dog called Nugget. Orlando took mighty not just for walking around the city, but also in various social events and trips around the world.

Orlando bloom with a loved pet

the Previous loss of a beloved pet Orlando bloom was going through a very hard time. He even kept the skeleton of his dog Sidi, who died in 2016 of liver disease.

He was a great companion, and I was very sad when he died. I preserved his skeleton, so he was always with me. I know it sounds a little weird, but this song is tasteful and because of her, I can still Sit and wish good night,

— said bloom in an interview.