They delivered an illegal car race through Cologne, now the Youtubers Fritz Meinecke and Niklas G. have been fined. They also lost their driver’s license for the time being.

After an illegal street race, the well-known Youtuber Fritz Meinecke has to serve a hefty fine. This is reported by the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Thursday edition). The Cologne district court sentenced the Magdeburg resident to pay 60,000 euros. Another influencer involved was also punished. According to “Bild”, he should be Niklas G. (“Niekbeats”). He only has to pay a fine of 3480 euros.

The public prosecutor’s office accused the 32-year-old Meinecke of racing his Audi RS3 (up to 400 hp) on May 1, 2001 with a Tesla 3 (up to 513 hp) controlled by Youtuber “Niek”. According to the prosecution, Meinecke also made himself liable to prosecution because he had recorded his interrogation by the police and uploaded it to the Internet.

The amount of Meinecke’s fine results from the monthly income of 45,000 euros net determined by the court. He has to pay 40 daily rates of 1500 euros each. His colleague Niek had stated 3480 euros net as his monthly income. The court sentenced him to a fine of 3,480 euros (30 daily rates of 116 euros each). The defense had requested acquittal. There was no race. Also speak an opinion for the accused.

A police video was enough for the judge as proof of a race. She confirmed the driver’s license withdrawal for the two Youtubers. However, the judiciary will return your confiscated cars. The verdict is not yet legally binding. An appeal would be heard in the district court.