The Police on Saturday night on the hunt for a group of young boys aged from 11 to 13 years.

This is because there are two times in the course of the evening have been thrown with objects from a highway bridge close to Odense.

It’s about motorvejsbroen at exit 52 Odense SV. Away was thrown things down on passers-by road users. It writes

“There has not been thrown with stones, but with one or another kind of wood,” says vagtchef Lars Thede, The Police, to the local media.

the Police says that it is a deeply serious situation, although there are some casualties. It is not the first time that happens such a situation in the Funen Motorway.

It was in fact on the very same highway that the tragic incident happened in 2016, where a German family was hit by a flisesten. Here lost a 33-year-old woman life, while her husband was badly injured. The episode was never ever solved.

Around at 20.30 on Saturday evening came to pass the second episode. Here there was a motorist who saw it. He tried to catch the young boys, but it failed.

Therefore, demand The Police now using. They can be contacted at 114, if you’ve seen anything around at 18.30 or 20.30 around the exit.