The Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya of social networks has announced a competition for the best anime with it, IA DEITA.RU.

According to Natalia Poklonskaya each of its subscribers talented and have a lot of creative people.

“I Propose you a small contest for the best anime with me. And, of course, the winner will be a surprise!”, writes Natalia Poklonskaya.

In 2014 the then Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya received the nickname “nyash-myash”. Possessed maiden of comely appearance, little used in the post-Soviet public space with the office of the Prosecutor, Poklonskaya has tried to respond to the naming of her on social networks by NASA, and said in an interview a collection of random words “nyash myash”:

“I’m the Prosecutor, and therefore, no nyash myash and so forth, I will not allow!”

Their negative attitude towards meme Natalia Poklonskaya after a few years changed to the opposite, saying in 2019, the desire to register the brand “nyash-myash” to promote Crimean goods.

Poklonskaya gave an interview to Ukrainian TV presenter

Metiabruz Natalia Polonskaya in the last year has changed, she has become an active user of social networks and messengers, speaking on various topics of Russian, Ukrainian and world politics. Revelation for members of steel and “glamorous” pictures of Poklonskaya. Analyst Ilya Graschenkov suggested that the new mediaprism is a team of Russian public activist Kristina Potupchik, but official confirmation of this information was not.