Russian President Vladimir Putin will belong the leading role in the world order after the pandemic coronavirus. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by a Japanese scientist, Professor Itsuro Nakamura.

According to Nakamura, Putin’s main objective is to unite Russia, USA and China.

“President Putin will link China and America, which are now opposed to each other. In the hands of Putin’s leading role in the world order of peace "after the crown"”, — have declared the expert.

He explained that the Russian leader realizes that no one but he can’t reconcile Beijing and Washington. Meanwhile, Putin, according to Japanese political scientist, hopes to be able to increase its influence in fostering relations between the U.S. and China.

“Therefore, the confrontation between America and China on his hand,” said Nakamura.

Earlier, Putin published his article “the Real lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war” in the American journal The National Interest. In it the Russian leader also appealed to the permanent members of the UN Security Council — USA, UK, China and France and expressed hope for the imminent holding of the summit of leaders of the five countries. The President added that the world powers can and must trust each other to respond to current challenges: a pandemic of the mers situation in the world economy and protect the environment.