Question from Noumea. Water give 1.5 – 2 hours a day, with very weak pressure. But when people require the recalculation, they say, you pay according to the meter, so you pay for the real consumption. But can we consider this service quality?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: There is a resolution of the government No. 354, where clearly spelled out, which means that the service provided is of poor quality. May be taken into account and interruptions in the water flow and pressure at the point of intake, and the quality of water. If the pressure is weak or the water quality does not meet sanitary standards, even in the presence of counters, I believe it is possible to achieve recalculation. It is necessary to make the act, be sure to invite representatives of the supplier, the representative of the management company. Maybe you have to spend on the analysis to apply to disease surveillance. If there is deviation, it will operate the recalculation is 0.15% of the amount on a daily basis, but still moral satisfaction.

In the Saratov district, many dacha cooperatives new provider almost three times increased the cost of water. How to find a justice on this vendor?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: unfortunately, suburban cooperatives are legal entities that are not subject to the requirements for the limitation of payments for utility resources provided to the citizens. Fortunately, in the case of water, the truckers always have a choice. If you are not satisfied with the rate offered by centralized water supply, you can always dig in the village’s own well.

water utility in Kaliningrad have sent a large amount of so-called recalculation for two years. Whether the organization must specify the reasons for allocation in the supporting documents to the receipt?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: a Mandatory requirement to indicate in the receipts base allocation, the law does not contain. However, you, as the consumer has the right to contact the water utility with the requirement to provide the base allocation. You are required to answer, and for not more than 30 days. If the answer is anything not clarified, contact control – she has the right to verify the correctness of charges. Unfortunately, to make life easier for entrepreneurs in the period of the pandemic, the government imposed restrictions on inspections. Until January 2021 GZHI responds only to treatment associated with danger to life and health. Error in accruals do not belong to them. But in different regions GZHI behave differently. Someone tries to respond to all requests, someone thoroughly comply with the ruling. If GZHI refuses to help, you still can go to court.

date of verification counters in the apartment ended, and for several years the quantity of water consumed was calculated according to the number of inhabitants. Going Zach��AMB service testing of meters and to resume the transmission of readings. Would it be possible to count in the direction of reducing the quantity of water consumed for the previous period?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: unfortunately, during the period when calibration interval counter is over, the calculation is performed according to the norm. Be recalculated retroactively fail. In 2020, developed its own features: up to January 2021, consumers are freed from duties to conduct the verification of individual meters. So if the calibration interval has ended in the period from 2 April to 31 December 2020, there are no sanctions for unsettled fact will not. The fee will continue to pay the meter.

Crimea is now not only the peak tourist season, but the boom of private housing. But the cost of supplying the gas and power grids (for example, for a private home – 100 thousand rubles) and time (1.5 years), of course, people are not satisfied. Is it possible to improve the situation and how?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: the Timing and cost of connecting to the gas network caused fair indignation of citizens in all regions of the country. In Russia, the largest importer of gas, access to this resource, according to the energy Ministry, have no more than 68% of households. Until recently, the rate of gasification was not more than 1 percent per year. At the same time citizens wait for when mains gas is coming to their cities and towns were forced to pay huge amounts of money. The official connection fee is relatively small. For example, in Moscow, the cost of connection to gas is 40 – 60 thousand rubles, for electricity – less than $ 1000. However, in reality the consumer is forced to pay for the services of middlemen, promising to speed up the process, additional services, to buy equipment from recommended suppliers. As a result, the connection to gas can cost several million rubles.

to Change the situation demanded Vladimir Putin. 31 may 2020, published a list of his assignments, in accordance with which the government and the authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation with participation of Gazprom ordered to identify the sources of funding for the free connection of citizens to distribution networks. In addition, it is necessary to adopt mandatory standards to the list, timing and methods of determining the cost of performing engineering works on the gas supply, including its minimal set and service. Their proposals, the government should submit to the President by October 1 of this year.

as for the connection to the grid, in this area the overall situation is much better. To protect their interests, citizens should demand from the marketing and network organizations to fulfill us��yavlennyi law fees, not to succumb to the pressure of unscrupulous middlemen and artists. In the extreme case, their defense will always stand the prosecution.

do not understand the installation of electric meters to replace the old 1 July 2020. The power company accepts the application for the installation of the meter, but says that it will be executed within 6 months. When it starts charging an average tariff increase coefficient. Is it legal?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: Replacement of existing electricity meters with smart house system reading started in Russia on 1 July 2020. The replacement occurs gradually. If the meter is out of order until July 1, the obligation for his replacement was on the owner. If he had not installed the meter, then from the moment of failure until the moment when the turn of the house to replace all the meters, the consumer will be charged according to the standard.

Our house is on overhaul. Is it possible to replace the electric meter in the apartment forces the contractor at the expense of a complete overhaul?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: unfortunately, no. It is not included in the minimum list of works carried out on the overhaul. In addition, works on replacement of old meters are the energy supply company at their own expense. A major repair is carried out through contributions from the regional operator of capital repairs or the owners of special accounts. It’s different budgets, which may Fund only certain types of work.

Work on the replacement of the chute during the overhaul was suspended due to coronavirus in two months. Is it possible for a resident to independently force the UK to make a recalculation for the lack of a garbage disposal, the line “the Maintenance and repair of the premises”?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: the Allocation of payment for unused housing services are based on the act of acceptance of works undertaken by the management company. To sign the act entitled the President of Council of an apartment house. If the instrument will be written within two months of the service of garbage collection was properly the cost should be counted. Perhaps it is true that this decision will be appealed in connection with an emergency, the epidemic of coronavirus.

we Have eight payments in different organizations. And almost every receipt you have to pay a Commission, as other possibility to pay no. Whether legally that charge a Commission?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: unfortunately, an outright ban on levying Bank charges for utilities in the act no. Such bill this year was considered by the state Duma, however, he never was adopted. Some banks and utility providers of resources may make decisions about payment options without a fee. Perhaps in your area there are such proposals.

due to an oversight of the management company at our house on time, did not correct the heat meter. Teploenergo put tenants accounts with penalties. Are there any levers other than the court, to protect consumers from unscrupulous companies?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: Owners have to do to monitor the content of its property and the management company they hired. If you go to court and prove omission or negligence of the officers of the criminal code, it is possible to regress to demand money from the UK for incorrectly assessed municipal resource.

Until 2016, I lived in the Dorm room on the right of ownership. Then he moved permanently to another apartment. The utility I charge for services for both apartments. Why should I pay for utilities, if I use them at the old address do not use?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: If the room are devices of the account, the lack of services easy to set up on the basis of their testimony. If the consumer pays for water and electricity to the standard, the basis for allocation can be of help with a permanent place of residence that the citizen permanently living at a different address. If you went on vacation or to the country, as evidence can be used help from the HOA, sanatorium, tickets. With regard to the payments for heat supply and payment for waste disposal – these services are paid regardless of rate and are not subject to recalculation.

Home of 40 years, communications are worn out, sewage subsided, often clogged, and drains tempted piles. When the building begins to sink and fall apart, who you need to sue? Who is legally responsible for the condition of the house construction?

Svetlana Razvorotneva: If less than 5 years, the house of the Builder warranty. If more, then you as owners to decide this question. UK is not engaged in major repairs or reconstruction. That is, to solve the issue should only owners at a General meeting. If you want to bring a major overhaul, you may have to set a target collection to money in a “common pot” enough to hold it.