the Former youngest billionaire in the world Kylie Jenner, which also recognized the highest paid celebrity of the year 2020, was photographed in bikinis before the New year and excited fans. Pictures posted in her Instagram account.

a series of exposures of 23-year-old, Jenner poses in a pool in a bathing suit creamy. Her image is also added points in the tone and many jewels — a necklace, several gold bracelets and earrings.

“swimming in 2021”, signed celebrity publication, which garnered more than seven million likes.

Subscribers Jenner thrilled with her pictures. “You look fantastic”, “you’re hot, Kylie”, “Oh my God, you’re gorgeous”, “Real mermaid”, “I opened his mouth with delight”, — they praised the appearance of the model in the comments.

In December, businesswoman and model Kylie Jenner topped the list of highest paid celebrities 2020 according to Forbes magazine. For the year managed to earn $ 590 million. Second place went to rapper Kanye West ($170 million, and the third tennis player Roger Federer with an income of 106 million dollars.