The rules of dispensation of medicinal products will be changed in order to adapt the operation of the pharmacy network to the emergence of e-prescriptions. Meanwhile, the participants in the process the main problem of the future rejection of paper recipes I think the unwillingness of the regions to invest in the digitalization of healthcare. To help you resolve it could centralize the health care system — according to the Ministry of health, the epidemic of the coronavirus, the issue became even more urgent.The Ministry intends to change the rules of release of medicines with a view to the forthcoming introduction of electronic prescriptions. A draft of the order Department with the amendments to the rules of July 11, 2017 number 403н posted on the portal We will remind, the introduction of electronic discharge prescriptions provided by the national project “Health” — the regions should go at it until the end of 2023.To “cash out” prescription, pharmacies will have to connect to the state information system in healthcare of the region concerned. Technical requirements information exchange between the pharmacy and the system (including identification requirements e-prescription and its owner) will be formed at the regional level. Under the amendments to the issued drug will be able to direct the owner of the recipe and its representative.”To establish full communication between pharmacies and health facilities, which will allow them to exchange electronic prescriptions required a full IT infrastructure. It requires large investments, and not all regions are prepared for it,” says Lilia Titova.As explained by the co-chair of the all-Russian Union of patients Yuri Zhulev, now in Russia operate separate pilot projects to introduce electronic prescriptions. “In terms of the epidemic, along with delivery of medications to home, this option could reduce the risks of infection for certain groups of patients. Of course, we would like to see it implemented at the Federal and regional level,” he says. Explain that formally the choice between electronic and paper prescription patients received in early 2019, when the health Ministry issued a decree about the rules of registration of the electronic prescription. In fact, however, such recipes have started to work only in certain regions of the country such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod region and on Sakhalin.Note that in this segment the process of centralization can be very difficult. Different rates of digitalization of regional health systems in the near future, obviously, will be one of the obstacles for building a vertical system in the country. To explore this question was made yesterday, Minister of health Michael Murashko. According to him, the epidemic of the coronavirus ukahall on the importance of centralized management of medical care. Argument in favor of the motion on this path, at least in the pharmaceutical sector, may be the fact that a part of the digital initiatives already exist at the Federal level, the most ambitious of these is the labelling of drugs.Anastasia Manuylova