As it became known “Kommersant”, the Federal tax service (FNS) invites the government to launch in 2020, three digital project with significant socio-economic effect. We are talking about the simplified order of deductions for personal income tax, the simplified registration of individual entrepreneurs through a mobile application and as a supporting infrastructure on the establishment of the certification authority (CA) FNS to issue certificates for qualified electronic signature for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and notaries. Economic impact for business from the creation of UTS will make up to 50.4 bn in 2021: FNS proposes to provide the service for free. The simplification of the procedure of deductions will allow the government to get into the hands of a relatively effective tool of social policy.As it became known “Kommersant”, the meeting in the government at the end of April under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko FNS has prepared a plan for the execution of three major projects affecting business and citizens. The first is the development of the certification center on that will provide certificates qualified electronic signature legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and notaries. The service expects that the number of applicants to the UC in 2021 will be 35% of the total number of participants in need of such services, and in 2022 UTS will process 100% of requests entrepreneurs, legal entities and notaries. Saving businesses on qualified electronic signature (CEP) in 2021 is expected to reach 50.4 billion rubles., in 2022 144 billion rubles. Recall that the idea of centralization of the issuance cap has long promoted FNS, a opponent which is the Ministry of economy with the alternative scheme of maintaining a network of competing certification authorities that are developing the related business services. As stated in the materials project, focused on the government, to start operation of the system will need to change the law on EDS, and the choice of scheme online UTS due to “unfavorable epidemiological situation”. In addition, will be expanded methods of remote identification of the applicant when applying to UTS without a physical visit.Co-executors of the project marked FSB and the Ministry of communications. As Trustees of the project named Sberbank, VTB and Promsvyazbank, which will provide services for the issuance cap. In December 2020, it is expected the accreditation of the first daughter UTS on the government Commission. The essence of service — filing of documents online, at the end — getting the cap free of charge. Reissue of signature it is also assumed without personal appearance of the applicant. The establishment of a centralized infrastructure of UTS on the basis of the data centers, FNS estimated in 280 million rbl., for the development of interactive services the services the project will require up to 60 million roubles, the project looks extremely��of tea and inexpensive.Digital by is planned to introduce the service of the simplified procedure of personal income tax via personal Cabinet of the taxpayer. It is expected that the scope of the service simplified deduction will be in 2021 900 thousand taxpayers (about 10% of those applying for the deduction in the year; one-time right to have homebuyers, including mortgage, for several times, you can obtain deductions for medical, educational and other socially approved expenditure, including private investment). Note, all three of the project, in fact, are part of a completely transparent program on the transformation of service in the Central part of the digital gazinvestcenter more complex than currently possible, the patterns of interaction between citizens and the Executive.In the case of deductions it may be more difficult than now social politics. Tax deductions in most jurisdictions as an effective it tool in Russia due to their traditional “paper” forms of work of the state apparatus is an extension impossible. As problematic points of the project to deductions claimed lack of funding, insufficient number of employees FNS and the unwillingness of the banks to informational cooperation in electronic form: it is obvious that up to 2022 are expected only to work practice without an expansion of the system of deductions.With the simplified procedure of registration of individual things are easier: to start it requires only the change of the law on state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Through mobile apps, interactive service “Personal account of the taxpayer for individuals” this year is expected to register 10 thousand entrepreneurs, despite the fact that the provision of such services is scheduled for December 2020. In 2021 the number of IP benefiting from the simplified method of registration, is estimated in 150 thousand Tatyana Grishina, Dmitry Butrin