Peskov declined to name specific people who will be “roving eyes” in search of successors to Putin. “I can, but will not” – said Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions.

Press Secretary of the President noted that this response of his is a joke. “It (the quote of Vladimir Putin – “MK”) is not about a particular people, but about the sentiment,” he said.

In the film “Russia.The Kremlin.Putin” the President, speaking about the need to zero its previous terms stated that “if it is not, two years later, I know that from experience already, instead of the normal smooth operation on many levels of government will start the roving eyes in search of a possible successor”.

“we have to Work, and not successors to look for,” he said, noting that in the case of the amendments, does not rule out the possibility of running for another term in 2024.

Dmitry Peskov said that the President does not mean his discontent built a system of political power – “it has proven its ability to handle stress”. However, the search for successors is a “national characteristic of the bureaucratic world.”

“the President fully explain the potential threat of the situation,” he said. According to Peskov, the statement of Vladimir Putin also does not mean that he is a supporter of the tenure of the government.

“the System is changing, there is a constant rotation. It is impossible not to notice”, – said Peskov.