“the Russian newspaper” was organized with the support of the Committee of Saint-Petersburg on the Arctic, the government of the Arkhangelsk region, the Russian state Museum of Arctic and Antarctic.

a New online-a meeting was held in the Archangel office of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, together with journalists “RG” it was attended by a representative of the regional centre “the Patriot” Galina shafts. This time online visit us “come” are the descendants of the Commissioner of the Solovetsky sea cadet school Sergey Shakhov, who now lives in St. Petersburg.

Faith, the daughter of a Yadav, became the youngest “pupil” of the school on Solovki during the war, the mother brought her at the age of several months. Here in the Islands, Faith has taken the first steps, and ungali often left to babysit the daughter of his Commissioner.

– If some of these guys were bad, they always came to my father, – tells Vera Sergeevna.

military service Yadav urged in October 1933, he worked in those days, the steering-signaller of the submarine, and in 1935 for distinguished service was awarded the order of Lenin.

– Deeds, the Pope did not commit, he was just doing his work, – tells Vera Sergeevna.

Next was Polar, the largest point – based Northern Navy of Russia. There Sergey Shakhov held the position of representative of the headquarters, and out to sea on a submarine Shch-402: in 1942, her crew sank three enemy ship.

Solovetsky sea cadet school was the next destination: 1943 Sergei Shakhov became its permanent Commissioner. For three years he has educated the boys of the war generation, many of whom have lost parents. “Dad their sons were called – here they have such a connection was” – tells Vera Sergeevna.

in 1947, Yadav was transferred to Moscow, where he was engaged in personnel training and in 1952 the family moved to Sebastopol, where Sergey took a new position of head of the political Department of the naval Academy. And in 1956 he was sent to the Leningrad naval Academy of shipbuilding and armament of them. A. N. Krylov, where he also continued to work the head of the political Department.

In 1960 shahs retired, and in 1972 returned to its yungam: began to look across the country their “sons” and collect them on Solovki.

According to the granddaughter of Sergei Shakhov Anna, “Commissioner Emeritus” often came to her school, about his life and about Jung told us about their exploits:

– Door in our house was never closed. My grandfather always sought all his former pupils to help all the time over it, – Anna remembers.

Note that, largely at the initiative of Sergei Sergeyevich Jung began to recognize the participants of the great Patriotic war, although it happened only in 1985.