the Recent explosion of inter-Korean liaison office, Pyongyang decided not to limit. And in retaliation for the launch of the North Korean defectors with South of the Korean Peninsula on the territory of the DPRK propaganda was going to respond to spreading their leaflets.

the report of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) stated: “In light of the fact that all the people of the country is full of angry will and passion for retribution to force that struck intolerant and insulted the most sacred spiritual core of our people to pay the price, finalized to the most ambitious in the history of the spreading of leaflets against enemies.”

North Korea claims that the ready piles and piles of leaflets. According to North Korean media, the efforts of the press and printers of the DPRK was printed 12 million different flyers, “where is reflected the anger and hatred of the people of all strata to the enemy.”

And this is not limited to: printing of all provinces, cities and counties also accelerated the training of additional printing millions of leaflets.

the Story of one of the leaflets based on the South Korean President, moon Jae-In, drinking tea. The image is accompanied by the words that the leader of South Korea “ate all, including the agreement between North and South Korea.”

Resolved, and with the means of transportation of campaign materials on South from the Demilitarized zone. As of June 22, according to KCNA, prepared a variety of means and devices (including more than 3000 different balloons) for spreading leaflets that are able to scatter leaflets on the territory of South Korea.

“Our plan for spreading leaflets against the enemies – the irrepressible impulse of the popular and national anger, says the official media of North Korea. – The desire and demand of the people is the law and practice, and the stormy mood of the people you can not hold anything. South Korea will have to fall into a hopeless situation”.

In Pyongyang believe that when confronted with “puzzling” and “disgusting” task collection “leaflets and sewage”, the South Koreans grow out of the throwing of promotional materials to the DPRK.

“Every action must be met with proper response, and only when they experience it, can feel how it’s offensive,” according to North Korea.

the Reason for the current sharp deterioration of relations between North and South Korea were the launches of North Korean defectors with the South air cylinders, which are above the ground, the DPRK dropped thousands of propaganda leaflets.

In these agitmaterialy are contained attacks on the socio-political system of the DPRK and personally heads of state. In particular, at certainnote: the leaflets, the head of North Korea is characterized as “the devil”, which foreshadowed the fate of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Also to the North thrown caricatures of Kim Jong UN.

In the relatively recent past, the two Korean States was actively engaged in the throwing of promotional material across the border. But amid warming inter-Korean relations Pyongyang and Seoul agreed to discontinue propaganda activities, including broadcast propaganda through loudspeakers along the demarcation line.

Despite the fact that official Seoul formally renounced throwing leaflets to North Korea, activists and defectors from the North continue their activities, accusing the authorities in defeatist in front of Kim. In turn, Pyongyang blamed South Korean leadership in connivance with the attackers.